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No landlord ever wants to land a bad tenant, but regretfully all screening processes were not created equally. Applicants put their best foot forward and the more they have to hide, the greater lengths they will go to hide facts that would eliminate them from consideration. The screening process...
Attracting the right tenants and keeping them is what property management is all about. This is one of the most valuable services that a firm can provide, so it’s important to make sure you will be getting your money’s worth by examining their process for each task. Here's a list of issues to rev...
If you are paying a property management company then you need them to be your eyes and ears and it's extremely important that they are strict about scheduling regular inspections. Many owners don't understand how much damage a bad tenant can cause in a short period of time. There is a natural ten...
  One of the chief roles of a property management company is to protect and grow the value of investor properties. Tenant requests should be addressed promptly and owners provided with transparent system for seeing how their money is being spent. A competent manager accomplishes all of this with ...
Rental income is the lifeblood of the landlord’s business. If the mechanisms are not put in place to bring in the right amount at the right time each month, the business will eventually wither and die. When properly performed, this is what allows top real estate investors to achieve a higher than...
Owners entrust their property manager with more than just their physical assets. Property managers handle rental income, reserve funds, security deposits, and write checks on the owner’s behalf. To function properly, this relationship requires trust, transparency and accountability. Here's a list...
Make sure you read Property Management Fees - Part I first. Here are the rest of the property management fees that you need to be aware of and look out for: Advertising fee There are plenty of ways to generate leads using free resources like signs, craigslist, etc. but with vacancies time is mone...
While management fees are important they must be viewed in light of what other firms are charging, the scope of services provided and the quality of those services. The company you hire will be stewarding one of your biggest assets and the last thing you want to do is make your decision based sol...

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