To be a successful stager, sometimes you have to use psychology. I had to use it on my last staging client. Here is how it went down: I ordered furniture and artwork for a newly remodeled home, located five minutes from where I live. I told the warehouse people I wanted tans and browns for the li...
I watched a movie the other day in which the main character is a real estate stager in Boston.  On a trip to Ireland, she found herself explaining to one of the locals what a stager does.  Not skipping a beat, he says "Oh, so you're a con artist."    According to the dictionary, a con artist is a...
In a perfect world, we would all have a home full of love. But, there are people who, for whatever reason, have no home. It's not in our power to give them that, but there is something we can do. My staging sister, Nancy, and I redesigned a room in our local women's shelter. If you think making t...
A Realtor I work with left a message on my voicemail with an unusual request.  He wanted me to do my "magic" on his new listing.  He said it was a log cabin, it was a ninety minute drive, and he would pick me up, help with the staging, and drive me home. Oh yeah, and one other thing--there's no i...
We stagers have an interesting job. We create beautiful rooms, but no one is going to live in them. If we have done our jobs successfully, the sellers will pack up our work, or in the case of vacant homes, we will pack up our work. Our photos are often all we have. I was fortunate enough to hear ...
I'd like to show you a way you can "be green" and "save a lot of green" at the same time.   Our IRIS Chapter was approached with an interesting challenge. Alison Oyler, who does marketing for Goodwill Industries, invited us to participate in an Italian Tablescape contest. It was held at the Festi...
I was called in by my Realtor, to help a condo which had been on the market for MONTHS!  The owner had moved out, but rented the condo, furniture and all.  I called the seller to see what she was willing to do. Her answer was "whatever it takes".  I LOVE these clients!  I previewed the property a...
I can feel your outrage, and I have every intention of revealing the culprit! It might surprise you that the AR member is a stager... ...and it might also surprise you that the stager I am talking about is ME! I was contacted by an agent yesterday, requesting a preview and staging bid on one of h...

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