After spending the day in meetings, I finally got home, kicked off my shoes and checked into the Rain. A quick glance at my home page, and I was ready to relax and read some good blogs. Wait a heart quickened...SOMETHING WAS WRONG. I clicked back to my home page. Something had changed...
When I read about this month's contest, three songs popped into my head immediately! That's right...three distinctively annoying songs, that dig deep into my brain matter and get mired there indefinitely. The worst part of it, is that I do not know more than a few lyrics to any of I fin...
I decided to accept an impossible mission because a friend was needing my help. So, I grabbed my camera and my tape measure, and jumped in my Jeep!     My mission? Enhance the showings on a newly built $1.3 Million home. The challenge: Feedback from showings is that the main living area is too da...
  I'm sure you've experienced it. You arrive at a home for a preview or a staging, and you've been told that no one is home. You start your tour of the home, to get a feel for what's needed.       Then it get that prickly feeling on the back of your neck. You've been so preoccupied ...
Welcome to ActiveRain's trendiest new eatery!                   I will be your server for this week. There are 1944 in your party? How is this table in the corner? Here is our menu for your perusal. May I suggest you start off with one of our appetizers: a wonderful variety of staging before and ...

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