colorado stager: Stager? Or Con Artist? - 03/13/11 01:50 PM
I watched a movie the other day in which the main character is a real estate stager in Boston.  On a trip to Ireland, she found herself explaining to one of the locals what a stager does.  Not skipping a beat, he says "Oh, so you're a con artist." 
According to the dictionary, a con artist is a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud.  Let's look at how a stager and a con artist are different:
The carpet in a living room shows a lot of wear and tear in the main traffic areas. 
A con artist might … (28 comments)

colorado stager: How DOES one stage an OUTHOUSE? - 07/30/10 03:07 PM
A Realtor I work with left a message on my voicemail with an unusual request.  He wanted me to do my "magic" on his new listing.  He said it was a log cabin, it was a ninety minute drive, and he would pick me up, help with the staging, and drive me home. Oh yeah, and one other thing--there's no indoor plumbing.
Hmm...I was intrigued. I went on his website to see photos, and was very discouraged with what I saw.  It was being sold furnished, and let's just say the decor was shabby chic without the chic. There was no … (42 comments)

colorado stager: A partner in staging...who doesn't want to get PAID??? - 08/25/08 04:22 AM
Here in Colorado, I have a partner in staging, who always comes through, and never demands payment. Her name is Mother Nature and her contribution to the homes I stage is priceless. Here are two examples of her handiwork:


But, Mother Nature can only do so much, because buyers will live INSIDE their home. And, that is where I come in:



I think the combination of...
1. Great clients, who were willing to paint inside and out, AND follow my recommendation for new lighting, AND hire a professional stager!

colorado stager: Mission Impossible? Not for a STAGER!!! - 06/09/08 04:16 PM
I decided to accept an impossible mission because a friend was needing my help. So, I grabbed my camera and my tape measure, and jumped in my Jeep!
My mission? Enhance the showings on a newly built $1.3 Million home.

The challenge:
Feedback from showings is that the main living area is too dark, and the kitchen is too modern.

MY challenges:
The client is a friend The budget is TINY A recent tornado in our area has made rental furniture scarce There is a ton of dark wood in this space  
Here is what I had to … (44 comments)

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