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We've spent a good deal of time in recent blogs looking at the return of the first time buyer, after many years of relative absence.The key reason behind the slump in getting on the house ownership ladder was, of course, the Great Recession. Huge job losses and less available credit, plus the gen...
Last week we looked at the impending and very welcome comeback of many "boomerang" home buyers to the real estate market in the next few years. Just a reminder that boomerang buyers are those unfortunate individuals who ran into financial difficulties during the recession. They may have suffered ...
There are still few more hours left in 2015 and therefore if you've been contemplating selling your home, there's still time to take advantage of the fabulous current market conditions.Here are five great reasons why you should be listing right now: -Mortgage rates - They're still very low and it...
Much has been written this year about the very welcome return of the first time buyer and it has been a key component of the 2015 real estate success story.This is such great news for many sellers, whose homes fall into the most likely categories that will appeal to first time buyers.Naturally en...
The recent volatility we have seen in stock markets around the world has inevitably once again focused attention on the strength of residential real estate as an investment.Stocks have certainly been on a wild roller coaster ride in recent weeks, as uncertainty over the health of the Chinese econ...
Over the months we've devoted a lot of space in this blog to the importance of careful preparation of your home in advance of the sale.In the real world, of course, you may simply not have the luxury of months or weeks of time before you plan to sell. A sudden job relocation, for example, can put...
As we never tire of saying, right now is a fabulous time to sell a home in the Albuquerque area. A glance at our blog last Friday on the latest real estate stats for the area are a fine testiment to that statement!Indeed, with such incredibly positive signs of the health of the market right now, ...
Want to supercharge your home's selling potential by Monday morning and be ready to sell in the New Year?Given the low inventory levels this winter, you really do need to be making the most of an incredible opportunity to sell your home before the onslaught on new homes in the Spring.One of the e...
Readers of our recent blogs cannot fail to have noticed how upbeat we are about home selling conditions right now.With the continuance of very low mortgage rates, more closed sales and increased sale prices, plus low inventory in the Albuquerque area, reducing competition and increasing market vi...
For renters, however, the past few days have seen widespread press coverage of yet more doom and gloom, following the publication of a report from the Harvard Joint Centre for Housing Studies and Enterprise Community Partners.In "Projecting Trends in Severely Cost-Burdened Renters", the Centre pr...

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