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When selling anything, it's a great idea to really know how your customer is thinking. Real estate is definitely a field where buyers invariably have extremely strong opinions about what they like, and don't like, about a home.It therefore makes total sense to consider some of the key aspects tha...
We hope you have noticed that our website has been gradually acquiring a broader set of features to serve you better.So, we thought, why not point out some of the more recent developments, so you can check them out for yourself if you haven't already done so (click on the subject titles to go to ...
At Everest Peak Realty, we are totally committed to the importance of great photography in selling property.Too often, we still see great property offers severely compromised because the agent simply went out with his/her mobile phone and took a few snaps. This is just unacceptable in this day an...
  With 48.72 beautiful acres across four separate parcels, Romero's Ranch at 1077 Don Felipe Road, Belen offers something really special for the prospective farmer or rancher.As our mostly aerial video tour demonstrates, here is a true rural paradise, providing a stunning canvas on which to paint...
An important change in the way credit reports are compiled is due to launch on June 25th.New trended credit data reporting was initially announced last fall by The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), better known as Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored, leading source of financing for m...
It is, of course, nothing but an absolute pleasure to be able to reflect the exceptional Albuquerque area home market conditions in this blog week after week.This does not mean to say, however, that all sellers are instantly successful.When buyer sentiment is as good as it is right now, there are...
The latest statistics released this afternoon by the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors (GAAR) provide a powerful demonstration of the steady home price growth we are seeing in our local homes market.The Association points out that the median detached home price in April 2013 was $168,0...
An article this week by The Albuquerque Journal has once again highlighted the fabulous market conditions property sellers are enjoying in the area right now.While acknowledging that inventory of available homes for sale remains tight, it describes the current situation as "a solid seller's marke...
Despite the best efforts of the real estate industry to strongly warn against it, we still see the occasional "Home For Sale By Owner" sign as we travel around.You naturally wouldn't expect any agent to agree with you if you decide to go for DIY selling. But what we thought might be more useful w...

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