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The recently published, and widely publicized, Zillow Real Estate Market Report for June, certainly paints a great picture of a very, very hot market all over the country, and we're not talking about the sizzling temperatures.Consider, for instance that homes are closing faster at the moment tha...
Situated within the Montecito community, 7109 Mete Sol Dr NW, Albuquerque is a versatile 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single-level property with a surprisingly high number of key virtues and features throughout this 2,142 sq.ft. home.As you arrive, you'll be immediately impressed by the very neat and c...
The Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® (GAAR) has just released its review of the second quarter of 2016.Quarterly reports are always interesting to study, as they tend to point to more sustainable trends than month-to-month statistics.Compared to the second quarter of 2015, single-fami...
We'd be the first to admit that, at first glance, the title of today's blog may seem to be the wrong way round, but stay with us a minute on this.While it's obviously the case that the sellers and their agents have to, well, sell their home to you in the first place, once the time comes to make a...
  With such a vibrant homes market in the Albuquerque area at present, there is a temptation for sellers to assume that delaying listing their property could lead to even better returns on the sale in the future, especially if they have the luxury of being able to wait.Such decisions to procrasti...
Yesterday's widely publicized Mortgage Monitor Report by Black Knight Financial Services revealed a number of significant statistics about the national picture on the housing market, as well as some data on price appreciation that's of particular interest to New Mexico residents.The report stated...
It's the ideal all home sellers hope for - a fast, trouble-free sale with the best financial return.In truth, with buyer sentiment arguably at an all-time high just now, that goal is certainly easier to achieve than it might have been a few years back.But this doesn't mean that there is any room...
With such a buoyant homes market right now, you might be forgiven for thinking that selling property is pretty much plain sailing these days.While there's no question that buyers are practically waiting in line for the right home, given the low cost of home loans and the present low levels of ava...
It would be totally remiss of us if our blog theme today was anything other than mortgage rates.They are now at their lowest levels in years, with average 30 year interest rates dipping below 3.60%. They have dropped by around a quarter point in just five weeks.One of the main factors in this in...

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