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With just one more full day left in 2016, it's time we started to look forward to prospects for the Albuquerque area real estate market in 2017.With a new president being sworn in on January 20th, there's no question that next year will see a range of changes to the landscape we've all been accus...
Any review of the real estate year in 2016 would be incomplete without a look back at mortgage rates, as they were again arguably the biggest influence in the market.The year started with widespread predictions of a gradual rate rise to between 4.5% and 4.65% by year end. Almost immediately, howe...
We hope that you've enjoyed our blogs throughout 2016.We've certainly had a lot of fun bringing you the usual mix of real estate news, views and advice in the past 12 months.As is now traditional at this time during the holidays, here is a list of a key blog from each month of the year, in case y...
Low inventory of available homes for sale has been a long standing issue in many parts of the country and the Albuquerque area is no exception to that rule.In our review of 2015 we looked at low inventory and, 12 months on, the situation is even more acute.Of course a lack of available homes isn'...
While not every real estate expert prediction comes true, one that certainly did come through in style during 2016 was the most significant return of the first time buyer for many, many years.By August, we were able to report that, according to a Zillow survey, 53% of all buyer sales by that poin...
We've just taken a close look at the November statistics recently released by the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® and they once again make excellent reading for sellers.These figures confirm the expectations we expressed last month that the Albuquerque area homes market is vibrant as...
If ever a month seems to fly by, it is December. Incredibly, there are just 22 more days left in 2016...It's therefore quite possible that you have been considering, or maybe have already decided on, your resolutions for the very soon to be with us New Year.Are you're still renting? If so, we sin...
We're already at that point in the year when we often begin to take stock of our situation and start to formulate our plans for the New Year that's fast approaching.If your home has been on the market for some time and has yet to sell, it could well be that you'll be reviewing the performance of...
We can hardly believe it either, but there are just 23 days left until December 25th.As often happens, you may be struggling to think of gift ideas, but have you thought that your house could maybe also do with some TLC at this time?This is especially true if you're planning to sell in the New Ye...

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