the marchany home selling team: Sick of Watering Plants? - 08/09/12 11:56 AM
Maybe you're getting an early start on planning next year's beautiful lawn. Maybe you're just really tired of watering those beautiful plants in your yard. The fact is, plants need water. But according to HouseLogic, there are lots of drought-resistant varieties that need only tiny amounts of water once they’re established, making them perfect for low-energy gardeners.
Susan Gottlieb, an expert on drought-tolerant gardens, says native plants have the best chance of surviving dry summers or whatever nature throws at them.
“Natives have evolved to thrive in your climate without a whole lot of extra work,” Gottlieb says.
Include these … (3 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Should I Rent My House? - 08/08/12 01:18 PM
Many folks here in central New Jersey are finding themselves asking some form of that abbreviated question above: “If I can't sell my house, should I rent it?” We turned to Keeping Current Matters for some thoughtful insight on the topic. Gil and I agree with KCM's belief that residential real estate is a great investment, but there's a BIG difference between becoming an investor/landlord and deciding to rent your primary residence because you think that could be easier than trying to sell it.
We know that there's been a lot written lately about how buying a home is less … (2 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Killer Ways to Get Rid of Weeds - 07/31/12 01:28 PM
It's full-on summer, and time to declare a state of “no mercy” towards the weeds in your lawn. Best of all, you can do it without fancy chemicals; HouseLogic offers solutions using common items around the house.
Looking to get rid of a pile of newspapers you've already read? A carpet of newspaper, which blocks sunlight and oxygen from reaching the soil, will smother weeds already sprouted and prevent new ones from growing. Just throw down newspaper in ten-sheet layers, wet it to hold it down, and cover it with an inch or two of mulch. If weeds begin to … (0 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Coming to Terms with “Green” Terminology - 07/05/12 02:13 PM
You may have noticed that Gil and I frequently blog about ideas for “green” living; it's something we believe in, and it's something that we believe will help to restore and maintain a healthy Earth for future generations.
But there's a lot of confusion surrounding the marketing of products. For instance, what's the difference between “recyclable” and “biodegradable”? According to HouseLogic, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – which sets the standards for the use of environmental claims – is creating the Green Guides to make your research a little easier and more consistent.
Let's start with “organic,” because it's the only … (2 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Fireworks and Your Pets - 07/01/12 04:37 PM
Most folks here in central New Jersey will be enjoying fireworks displays during the next week as we celebrate Independence Day. If you're planning to host or take part in the festivities, and you have pets, you should take extra precautions to ensure their safety. Read on for some great tips that are easy to implement and that we hope you'll find helpful.
Fireworks are beautiful to look at, but they also inevitably come with lots of noise. The fear of loud sounds – including fireworks - is called noise phobia. First, learn to recognize the signs of noise phobia, then … (2 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Cool Ways to Fly Your Flag on July 4th - 06/29/12 02:28 PM
Part of the celebration of the 4th of July here in central New Jersey – and around the country – is the flying of the American flag. We turned to the experts at HouseLogic for some great and innovative ideas for displaying your pride in the flag. Just one word of caution; be sure that whatever means you choose falls within your area's zoning rules and regulations.
If you don't have a flag yet, get started with a complete set that includes a 3-by-5-foot U.S. flag, 6-foot steel pole, gold eagle ornament, and mounting bracket with screws for $9.98.
For … (4 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Keep Cool and Save Money with Ceiling Fans - 06/27/12 02:19 PM
Did you know that a ceiling fan uses just a little more energy than a 100-watt light bulb? It's true! And despite the fact that it doesn't actually cool the room, you can still raise the thermostat while using a ceiling fan and remain comfortable. Why? Because the fan creates a slight wind chill on the surface of your skin, making you feel cooler. If you're planning to replace an existing overhead light fixture with a ceiling fan (which is a fairly easy task for most of us who are at least willing to try it!), read on for some tidbits … (0 comments)

the marchany home selling team: What is a Green Mortgage? - 06/22/12 01:52 PM
Two things seem to be on everyone's mind lately – the heat, and the fact that the landscape around us is at its peak “greenness.” Speaking of green, you know that Gil and I like to focus occasionally on ideas to help you live green, being environmentally conscientious. We recently came across an interesting article from Keeping Current Matters, all about the ways in which smart financing can help the environment. Beyond the paperless mortgage that can save trees, there are two loan products that can finance energy efficient improvements to your home. And both can be done at time of … (0 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Rescue Your Plants from Heat Waves - 06/21/12 02:08 PM
It's the first official full day of summer, but from the heat we're experiencing here in central New Jersey, you'd think it was the middle of August. Let's face it; you can’t turn off the sun. But you can turn on your hose and save your plants by watering wisely and well throughout the summer months. Follow these helpful tips from HouseLogic to keep your lawn lush and beautiful all summer long.
Jim Sutton of Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania has nursed shrubs and trees through several heat waves, and he offers four vital tips on how to help your landscaping beat … (2 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Harvard Study: National Housing Market Showing Signs of Revival - 06/20/12 03:40 PM
According to the Harvard University Joint Center of Housing Studies latest State of the Nation’s Housing report, an increase in the number of renters and a drop in new constructions are breathing a little much-needed life back into the rental market. Rent rates are increasing and vacancies are decreasing. Additionally, construction of multifamily units is increasing. This news is cause for cautious optimism in the housing market, especially as it slowly regains ground in a sluggish overall national economy.
The depressed economy continues to plague rates of home ownership, and the report finds that the homeowner market still needs some work. … (0 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Happy Father's Day! - 06/16/12 04:58 AM
It's Father's Day weekend – a time for all of us to honor Dad and let him know that he's the best. Gil and I extend best wishes to all of our friend, family, and client dads. Instead of making that last-minute dash to the local cram-packed mall, fighting fellow shoppers for the last “perfect” tie, relax and base your gift on the best advice from almost every dad we know: Actions speak louder than words.
Think about it; we did, and we got some terrific ideas from HouseLogic on what to give Dad in place of yet another “World's Greatest” … (3 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Do National Headlines Reflect Our Local Real Estate Market? - 06/15/12 01:32 PM

You know, Gil and I get this question really frequently; so do the folks at Keeping Current Matters. And we totally agree with their take on the situation. Local real estate professionals (like The Marchany Home Selling Team!) know that the best information for both buyers and sellers is, without question, local market data. That being said, everyone has to acknowledge the fact that happenings in the national real estate market dodramatically impact regional and local markets.
Buyers here in central New Jersey – and all over the country – are concerned about the reports of distressed properties that … (2 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Lawn Mowing – It Can Be Dangerous! - 06/14/12 04:58 AM
School's out, and that means more and more of our kids around the country will be mowing lawns. According to HouseLogic, three national medical groups want adults to be aware of the fact that lawn mowing can be a risky (and downright dangerous!) activity, and they've gathered some handy information regarding the proper safety precautions to be taken.
Follow these handy tips to prevent lawn mower injures:
Only use a mower with a control that stops the mower blade from moving if the handle is let go.
 Kids should be at least 12 years old before operating a push lawn … (2 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Is HARP the Right Choice for You? - 06/08/12 03:21 PM
Are you ready to refinance your home mortgage to get a more attractive lower rate? Do you have an adjustable rate mortgage and want to switch it to a fixed-rate mortgage? If you fall into either of these categories and you're finding that declining property values are hindering your efforts, the federal Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may be just right for you.
Our friends at HouseLogic recently explained the logistics of HARP; Gil and I thought our readers might really benefit from a clear and concise outline in order to make informed decisions if you're considering refinancing.
HARP is one … (0 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Supply and Demand are the Drivers for Home Prices - 06/07/12 03:06 PM
Gil and I, like the folks over at Keeping Current Matters, believe that the real estate market will continue to heat up as we move fully into summer. The question is this: Will an increase in demand be reflected in an increase in home prices? We've noted before that the price for anything is dictated by the demand for that thing AND the available supply of it at any given time.
 Here are a couple of pretty intriguing facts reported by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in last month’s Existing Home Sales Report:
Demand for homes has strengthened, showing … (0 comments)

the marchany home selling team: You CAN Have It “Made in the Shade" This Summer! - 06/06/12 02:41 PM
Wow! We're less than three weeks from the “official” start of summer, but if you're like Gil and me, you've already had to scramble a few times to cool down. We consider it 'shades' of things to come in the next few months, so we turned to HouseLogic for some smart ideas for quickly creating some shade (without breaking much of a sweat!) at your house.
You can use a portable awning to create an instant shady hideaway anywhere – not just right next to your house (which is what those are retractable awnings, and they work up to 12 … (4 comments)

the marchany home selling team: ROBBINSVILLE REAL ESTATE: Fabulous Home Awaits YOUR Family! - 06/01/12 06:22 PM
We don't often post listings as our blog, but today we've got a home so spectacular, so perfect for your family, that we just had to share.
If you crave the absolute wonder of living in a rural setting, but require total convenience to shopping, dining, and major thoroughfares, you're going to love this home at 25 Allens Road in Robbinsville. With four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, this two-story Colonial has everything your family could possibly want - and more!
Just to get you started, we're including a … (6 comments)

the marchany home selling team: It's Time to Go Green – and Do It On the Cheap! - 05/31/12 04:18 PM
Our regular readers know that Gil and I are strong proponents of “going green” - living in an environmentally conscientious way to make the world a better place not just for us, but for future generations as well. We recently came across a terrific piece by Lara Edge at HouseLogic, in which she highlighted some awesome ideas for ways to live green without being made of gold. Why do we say that? Well, because almost everything we hear and see about living green involves buying things like solar panels or Energy Star appliances. And while those purchases are undoubtedly important, there … (3 comments)

the marchany home selling team: What Causes a Deal to Fall Apart? - 05/30/12 07:13 PM
The housing market is still what we'd call “iffy” at this point, although there are strong signs of recovery here in central New Jersey and around the country. Gil and I were really pleased recently when we read a piece at Keeping Current Matters about the reasons why many signed contracts (some folks speculate as much as 30%!) never make it to closing. We thought our readers might be curious to know why – in a country where a “healthy” market sees around 90% of deals successfully closed – there would be such a precipitous drop during rough times. We figure … (4 comments)

the marchany home selling team: Final Words on the Differences Between Short Sales and Foreclosures - 05/25/12 03:29 PM
This week we've been having a discussion based on Keeping Current Matters' discussion of short sales and a lot of the myths surrounding them. Gil and I are committed to helping our friends and neighbors understand the many differences between a short sale and a foreclosure.
We began with a definition of a “short sale;” in the simplest of terms, it's when the bank that holds your mortgage agrees to accept less than the amount you owe on the property, in order to avoid foreclosing on it. We noted that you have to qualify for a short sale, which essentially … (3 comments)

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