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Save Money on a Condo Association’s Insurance Quote in Massachusetts. Here are 7 possible ways to save money on a master insurance policy for a condo association in MA.  Selecting the proper coverage could save you money on your Condo Association Insurance.  AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency will pr...
Condo Association Master Insurance – Reccommended Coverage (continued) Boston, MAIn our previous blog we discussed Recommended Coverage for Condo Association Master Insurance policies. This blog is a continuation from our previous one. Below is additional coverage available for purchase that is n...
Condo Association Master Insurance – Recommended Coverage - Boston, MA    In the following blog we are going to provide you a list of Recommended Coverage for a Condo Association Master Insurance Policy. Throughout our 60 years of experience our company, Albert J Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc, ...
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D & O Insurance) - Condo Associations in Quincy, Mass.  Condo associations normally purchase property, general liability, and crime insurance for their condominium association. Another type of insurance that's highly recommended is Directors and Officer...
What is the Difference between a Condominium Association Master Insurance Policy and a Unit Owner Condo Insurance Policy (HO-6), South Boston MA?Unless you have studied insurance for a living, it can be difficult to understand the difference between a Condo Association Master Insurance Policy and...
NEW CELL PHONE TEXTING LAW (Safe Driving Law) - MassachusettsEffective September 30, 2010 Sending or Reading Electronic Messages:Operators cannot use any mobile device to write, send or read an e-message while operating a vehicle. This LAW applies to all drivers of all ages.PENALTY (for all ages)...
Are Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water covered by my condominium master insurance policy? EARTH - The earth violently shakes: earthquake. Your standard condominium association master insurance does NOT cover damage caused by earth movement. However, your association is able to purchase earthquake cover...
Is water damage covered by our condo association's master insurance policy in Boston, MA? The answer...it depends. We know this is not the answer people are hoping to read, but this explanation should clear the muddy water. If you have further questions call me for clarification.FLOOD or GROUND W...
Condominium Association Insurance Quotes for Boston, MA are easy and competitive with AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc. Let an experienced local insurance agency do your condo association insurance shopping for you. When your association has us generate condo association insurance quotes you ca...
 How to save money on your Condo's Master Insurance policy: 6 Ways to save money on a master insurance policy for a condo association in MA.  Receive a discount when you combine more than one line of insurance coverage with the same company: example: Purchase your Condo's Master Insurance Policy ...

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