condo association insurance: Save Money on a Condo Association Insurance Quote in Massachusetts - 08/16/12 03:47 AM
Save Money on a Condo Association’s Insurance Quote in Massachusetts. Here are 7 possible ways to save money on a master insurance policy for a condo association in MA.
Selecting the proper coverage could save you money on your Condo Association Insurance.  AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency will provide your association with an insurance menu listing the coverage we recommend in order of importance along with its respective cost. Your association can then select the coverage they want to purchase. Claims Management – Save money on your condo association insurance by having all claims reported to the condo association's board of directors. If all claims are … (0 comments)

condo association insurance: 6 Ways to Save Money on a Master Insurance Policy for a Condo Association in MA - 08/09/10 09:36 AM
How to save money on your Condo's Master Insurance policy: 6 Ways to save money on a master insurance policy for a condo association in MA. 
Receive a discount when you combine more than one line of insurance coverage with the same company: example: Purchase your Condo's Master Insurance Policy along with an umbrella policy with the same company.  Have your insurance agent run a cost estimator which will determine the cost to reconstruct your building: Next, look at how much building coverage you currently have. If the cost estimator projects the amount to rebuild is lower than the current coverage amount you maybe over insured. This means you are paying more than … (0 comments)

condo association insurance: Condo Master Insurance Policy, What is and isn’t covered? Personal Condo Insurance Policy (HO6), Massachusetts - 08/03/10 04:09 AM
Condo Docs are not as confusing as they might appear. In many cases your local insurance agent can interpret them for you! Condominium associations usually have questions when it comes to insurance and would appreciate simple, but correct answers. Condo associations, in Mass, help direct their unit owners on what insurance to buy for their individual unit. At AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc, we simplify this process by sending a letter to each unit owner describing the basics of what is and what is not covered under their master insurance policy. In the same letter we will recommend what type and amount … (0 comments)

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