ma: Is Water Damage Covered By Our Condo Association's Master Insurance Policy, Boston, MA? - 09/24/10 01:52 AM
Is water damage covered by our condo association's master insurance policy in Boston, MA? The depends. We know this is not the answer people are hoping to read, but this explanation should clear the muddy water. If you have further questions call me for clarification.
FLOOD or GROUND WATER are a couple of the UNCOVERED causes of water damage. A condo association would have to purchase flood insurance to cover the water damage sustained by flood or ground water.
Coverage for BACK-UP of SEWERS and DRAINS maybe purchased or included within a condo's master insurance policy. The term back-up of sewers and drains refers to water that backs-up through your sink, bathtub, shower, … (5 comments)

ma: 6 Ways to Save Money on a Master Insurance Policy for a Condo Association in MA - 08/09/10 09:36 AM
How to save money on your Condo's Master Insurance policy: 6 Ways to save money on a master insurance policy for a condo association in MA. 
Receive a discount when you combine more than one line of insurance coverage with the same company: example: Purchase your Condo's Master Insurance Policy along with an umbrella policy with the same company.  Have your insurance agent run a cost estimator which will determine the cost to reconstruct your building: Next, look at how much building coverage you currently have. If the cost estimator projects the amount to rebuild is lower than the current coverage amount you maybe over insured. This means you are paying more than … (0 comments)

ma: Garage Insurance - Topic - Garagekeeper's Liability Coverage in Mass - 08/08/10 05:44 AM
There are many parts of a Garage Insurance Program. For example, Garagekeepers’ coverage provides financial protection for loss or damage to a customers’ vehicle while it is in your possession. You may ask: Why do I need this type of coverage? You should have this because if you or an employee damages a customer’s car while it in your possession a general liability insurance policy will not pay for this mishap. 
Let me give you an example that happened to my family. Our Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV was in for an oil change and routine service. The SUV was not put … (0 comments)

ma: Auto Insurance in Massachusetts - 07/22/10 03:10 AM
Purchasing auto insurance in Quincy, Mass can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 when speaking with a local insurance agent. AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc located in Quincy, Ma simplifies the entire process of purchasing car and home insurance. After we find you the right coverage at the best price our work is not completed. If you have an auto accident we will be there to help you throughout the claim's process. AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc will help you report the claim, get you immediate assistance to have your vehicle repaired, and make sure you are paid in a timely fashion. You will have one person … (0 comments)

ma: Garage Insurance, Mass, by AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc. - 07/14/10 04:22 AM
Auto Body Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Tire Dealers, Service Stations, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Auto Equipment Installations (stereos, starters, alarms, etc), Quick Lube Shops, Convenience Stores with Gasoline Sales, & Auto Glass Installers. We, AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc, offer insurance programs for each of the above! Call us for more info on any of the above @ 617-471-5010 M-F 9-5 and ask for AJ Marchionne III. 
Insurance for a garage policy is not simple as it is not a one size fits all purchase. There are many variables when purchasing garage ins: what is and is not covered, the limit of insurance coverage you purchase, the amount … (0 comments)

ma: Pest Control Insurance by AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency - 07/14/10 03:42 AM
Liability Insurance, Property Ins., Umbrella Ins, Business Auto Ins, Directors and Officers Liability Ins, Pollution Liability Ins (for Pesticides), Care Custody and Control Liability Ins; AJ Marchionne Insurance will personally help you choose which types of insurance are right for your exterminating and/or animal control company. Insurance is not simple and if it was, we would be out of a job. It's not a one size fits all purchase. Many people do not even know what they purchased until they have a claim at which point it could be too late.  We simplify insurance so each of our clients understand and are comfortable with what they are purchasing. 
We will … (1 comments)

ma: Condo Association Insurance, Master Policy Insurance, Simplified - Mass - 07/02/10 03:52 AM
Condominium Association Insurance aka Master Policy Insurance can be simplified for anyone to understand! We service many of our clients within Massachusetts from 2 unit complexes to 50 + unit associations. AJ Marchionne Insurance offers the most competitive rates since we are a local independent agent contracted with the most competitive insurance companies. We know the ins and outs of master policies and how they coincide with your condo docs! Along with the family style service we provide, we compare the insurance program you have now, to what we have to offer, on an easy to read one page summary of coverage, … (0 comments)

ma: Pest Management Services Liability Insurance - Mass - 07/02/10 03:04 AM
Pest Control Services (PCS) Insurance in MA is finally offered by admitted carrier! Having an admitted carrier generates many perks! Most important to many, the cost of your exterminator liability insurance is going to decrease or appear discounted. Second, the coverage for your pest management insurance program is mostly likely going to be broadened. This program provides coverage for pollution of pesticides, pest inspection damage liability, coverage for damage you cause to the client's property, and much more! To simplify your insurance, we will break down our program and our competition's program on an easy to read one page summary. AJ Marchionne Insurance will provide you with … (2 comments)

ma: Pest Management Insurance Program in MA - 06/25/10 04:12 AM
Are you paying too much for your business insurance?? Has the cost of your exterminator liability insurance increased annually, yet you've never had a liability claim? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you have found the right blog! AJ Marchionne Insurance represents the best Pest Control Ins Program available on the market. We have an admitted carrier that is extremely competitive and offers interest free financing on premiums over $2000. Does this sound too good to be true? Guess what, it's not! More good news, we are a local company conveniently located at 11 Independence Ave in Quincy, MA. Share 15 to … (0 comments)

ma: South Boston & South End, MA Condo Insurance - 06/25/10 03:20 AM
Have you found it difficult to find insurance for your South Boston or South End Condominium Association? The reason may not have anything to do with your property or it's condition, it may be because the buildings in So Boston and the So End are sometimes too close together or because they so close to the ocean or waterfront. How recently has your assoc. shopped their Master Policy? We, AJ Marchionne Insurance, have several programs specifically for the S Boston and S End areas!! If you are looking for improved pricing and broader coverage you have found the right ins. agency!
AJ Marchionne Insurance, we will put … (0 comments)

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