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Ben & Jerry's Free Ice Cream Cone Day Tuesday, March 23 from Noon to 8 pm at Ben & Jerry's Bethesda, 4901-B Fairmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD and Ben & Jerry's Rockville Center, 199-F East Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, MD. At my house this is BIG news!  I just wish the heat wave was still in full for...
MF seeks SFH w/ self-cleaning FR (Married female seeks single family home with self cleaning family room) What's on your wish list? If you're hunting for a new home, hopefully you've figured out what you can spend.  Now you need to focus in on what you want... within your budget, of course.  Item...
4 Myths about Open Houses...they're not just for Nosy Neighbors! There are a lot of agents out there who don't like open houses.  Some sellers aren't too crazy about them either.  I'm a big fan, and here's why: They're just for nosy neighbors, and I really don't want them looking at my house...  ...
Bethesda: Strosniders Hardware Store I've always been a hardware store geek.  Loved 'em as a little kid.  Continue to love them today.  And I'm a big old fan of Strosniders.  Yup, I could probably get a better deal up the pike, but I can almost guarantee that I wouldn't get the same service.  So,...
Bethesda:  Bruce Variety Store Located in a little strip mall on Arlington Boulevard, right next to Strosneider's Hardware, one can find a perfect little time capsule of a store:  Bruce Variety.  I really love this place.  It reminds me of the "5 and dime" in my own home town, Winnetka, where Cha...
Why is it important to get approved for a loan? When you begin to look for a house it is really helpful if you know how much you can spend.  It'll save you a lot of time, and prevent you from focusing on homes you can ill afford.  Assignment #1:  find yourself a mortgage broker or banker and dete...
About every four years or so I hear the same old shtick... "did you see the curling at the Olympics... what a joke."  An Olympic "sport"... ha!   Hey, hey, hey...  I get it.  Curling is goofy and ripe for abuse.  Well guess what, folks.  There is a real, live (ex) curler in your midst!  I just wa...
Why do I need a real estate agent to help me buy a house? When my husband and I were buying our first house I had the good fortune to have a mother in the real estate business, so I merely picked up the phone and asked "o.k., what do we do now?" Mom's first suggestion was to find an agent.  Now, ...

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