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Original Source:  What's a Comp? When you are searching for a home to buy (or rent), neighborhood comps (comparables) should play heavily in determining your offer price, and ultimately, the final price you settle upon (or, not!). Sure, emotion can play a heavy hand, but generally, price plays th...
Original Source:  East Bethesda Real Estate Stats- September 2010 I’m a bit of a statistics geek.  Can’t say I was particularly fond of math in school, but stats I like.  Especially real estate stats. For the first 8 months of this year, from January 1 – August 31, 2010, there have been 32 homes ...
Original Source:  Halloween Happenings in & @ Bethesda   Well, Bethesda might not exactly have a bevy of farms, orchards, or hay rides within its borders, but it isn’t too hard to get into the spirit of Halloween.  Check out these neat Fall activities, some in town, or within short driving distan...
Original Source:  Montgomery Farm Woman's Cooperative Market Montgomery Farm Woman's Cooperative Market, circa 1937 *Courtesy Library of Congress You can’t help but notice the Montgomery Farm Woman’s Cooperative Market when driving through Bethesda/Chevy Chase.  Located in the heart of town at t...
Original Source:  Evers & Co. Real Estate Report, August 2010 Remember that every action has a reaction, and the First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit that created a bullish month in April of this year also caused the reaction of a slowdown in sales in July and August. Lawrence Yun, the chief economis...
Original Source:  East Bethesda Morning Exercise I’m one of those on again, off again kind of exercisers.  The type that gets side-railed at the simplest excuse – though it’s usually vacations that do me in. Anyway, I’m happy to say that I’m back at it. I’ve recently re-joined Fitness Corps, a gr...
Original Source:  First time home buyers- closing costs So, you want to buy a house (condo, townhouse, etc).  What sort of money is needed?  I’ll tell ya! For starters, you need a down payment.  Back in the day (the day being the nutty 2005 market), one could get a loan with no money down.  I’m s...
Original source: Bethesda Circulator   Bethesda Circulator Map One of the great things about living in East Bethesda is the ease with which one can get into town without a car.   Most homes within East Bethesda are within a 10 minute walk to one part or another of downtown Bethesda.  That said, w...
Am I stuck in some strange episode of the Twilight Zone?  Lately, it seems like it.  I feel a bit like William Shatner fighting that strange hairy neolithic fellow on the wing of a plane, only, William Shatner = real estate agent while the hairy guy = the State of Maryland.  So what's going on?  ...
Original Source:  AU Park/Tenleytown, DC 20016 Market Report, August 2010   In August of 2010 there were 31 homes that closed within the month for zip code 20016 in the District of Columbia (AU Park/Tenleytown/ Palisades).  This was a decrease of 21 units, as there were 52 homes that closed in Au...

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