east bethesda: 8410 Lynbrook Drive BETHESDA MD 20814 - 06/05/15 02:47 AM
Handsome, expanded colonial with surprising space in a lush, green setting. Nestled midway on a cul-de-sac, this special home features 3-4 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 2 half baths. The master bedroom has a soaring vaulted ceiling with a skylight along with a wood-burning fireplace. The sleek cook's kitchen is open to the family and dining room and allows for easy entertaining. East Bethesda offers a variety of conveniences including easy access to Metro, downtown Bethesda, the Capital Crescent trail, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Lynbrook Park and Walter Reed.
Offered at $945,000
Click here for 3-D tour!
Contact fabulous real estate agents for more … (7 comments)

east bethesda: Donate your Computer in Bethesda - 10/04/11 06:02 AM
Original Source: Donate Your Computer in Downtown Bethesda
Got a new computer and not sure what to do with the old one? Might I make a suggestion?! Gary Cahn runs RecycleMyComputer which is located in downtown Bethesda right near Bethesda Metro and Safeway. He recycles discarded & unwanted computers (even broken ones), refurbishes them, and donates them to people in need. He's able to do so with a generous grant from OASIS.
RecycleMyComputer will accept Pentium 3 computers 800 mhtz or better. There is generally a sticker on the front of the computer. If the sticker says Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows … (2 comments)

east bethesda: Live Near Bethesda Metro - 03/06/11 08:44 AM
Original Post: Walk to Bethesda Metro
Just about everyone I know wants to live near Bethesda Metro. And it's no surprise. Traffic these days is stupefying. And it's only going to get worse.  Walter Reed is joining forces wtih the National Naval Medical Center at the corner of Jones Bridge and Wisconsin Avenues, adding 2,500 extra employees to an area full of congested roadways.  Sheesh.  Assuming you commute by train, living anywhere along the Red Line can save you time and frustration. There are several lovely neighborhoods near Bethesda Metro, all varying in price and amenities.
Downtown Bethesda has really transformed … (2 comments)

east bethesda: Homes for Sale- East Bethesda 2/11/2011 - 02/17/11 04:14 AM
Original Source:  East Bethesda- Homes for Sale 2/11/2011
Update for 2/11/2011: Hey! We've had 2 homes go under contract this week, driving our inventory of homes under $1,000,000 to a precarious new low. Open houses last weekend were quite busy. There's not too much new inventory for this week, so the pickings are slim.
All the homes in this article are currently for sale within East Bethesda. The top of the list features the newest listings, while the bottom showcases those that have been on the market for quite some time. I'll be updating this post every Friday, so be … (0 comments)

east bethesda: Homes for Sale- East Bethesda 1/7/2011 - 01/08/11 03:30 AM
Original Source: East Bethesda -Homes for Sale 1/7/2011
All the homes in this article are currently for sale within East Bethesda. The top of the list features the newest listings, while the bottom showcases those that have been on the market for quite some time. I'll be updating this post every Friday, so be sure to check back to see what's new, what's gone, & what might be coming (and check out the date up top... if it's not current, neither is this information!). I've lived in East Bethesda for over 15 years. I've sold real estate in East Bethesda for … (1 comments)

east bethesda: Real Estate Stats - East Bethesda September 2010 - 09/28/10 01:49 AM
Original Source:  East Bethesda Real Estate Stats- September 2010
I’m a bit of a statistics geek.  Can’t say I was particularly fond of math in school, but stats I like.  Especially real estate stats.
For the first 8 months of this year, from January 1 – August 31, 2010, there have been 32 homes that have sold within East Bethesda.  At the time of this writing 4 homes are under contract, and 11 are offered for sale.
Of these 32 homes:
Average DOM (days on market):  31.9 days Average original list price:  $914,418 Average list price at time of sale:  $896,481 Average final … (0 comments)

east bethesda: Early Morning Exercise- Bethesda Style - 09/17/10 05:02 AM
Original Source:  East Bethesda Morning Exercise

I’m one of those on again, off again kind of exercisers.  The type that gets side-railed at the simplest excuse – though it’s usually vacations that do me in. Anyway, I’m happy to say that I’m back at it. I’ve recently re-joined Fitness Corps, a group that meets in my neighborhood of East Bethesda (and others) for early morning workouts.  The good thing about getting it over with in the a.m., according to my wise friend Jen, is because it’s like money in the bank.  It allows you to get on with the rest of … (6 comments)

east bethesda: East Bethesda Absorption Rate - 08/21/10 06:26 AM

East Bethesda Absorption Rate
I specialize in selling real estate in East Bethesda.  I've lived in the neighborhood for almost 15 years, raised kids here, and will probably remain in the neighborhood for the foreseeable future.  Because of this, I keep close tabs on the inventory. 
I like to track trends in real estate.  You'll occasionally hear me mention that "we have a 4.5 months supply of homes for sale", which might leave you scratching your head. In a nut shell, I'm referring to the absorption rate, or the calculation of how long it will take for all the homes … (2 comments)

east bethesda: Top 10 Reasons to Live in East Bethesda - 08/20/10 07:44 AM

You’ve probably driven by East Bethesda on one of your many trips up and down Wisconsin Avenue, and wondered to yourself “what lucky souls live in this incredibly convenient neighborhood- so close to everything in Bethesda, and yet, so charming and suburban at the same time?"  Well, I’m here to tell you 10 fabulous reasons why 1,200 households call East Bethesda home:
1.  Walk to Metro Walk to two metros!  East Bethesda is snuggled between Bethesda Metro and NIH Medical Center Metro.   For most, the walk takes under 15 minutes.  And for those really dreading the walk, there is a Ride-On bus that operates through the neighborhood.
2. … (2 comments)

east bethesda: East Bethesda History- Lynbrook Elementary School - 02/08/10 02:49 AM
East Bethesda's Lynbrook Elementary School:
During the first week of March in 1940, the Board of Education advertised its intention to buy three acres of land between Maple and Chase Avenues at $3,500 per acre and take an option on seven additional acres at a slightly higher price.  The land was in the area where a small, red plane had crashed the previous spring as the pilot dipped his wings to a friend on Highland Avenue.
In June, the school board accepted the Morrison Brothers bid of $37,100 for the first unit of the school and work began almost immediately … (0 comments)

east bethesda: Way to go, snow! - 02/06/10 08:42 AM
What a day.  Woke up to god knows how many inches of the fluffy stuff.  And spent the day watching more and more and MORE of it come down from the skies.  It's now 5pm and I think it just might be done snowing.  Is that a bit of sun I see?  I hope so.  I do admit to feeling a bit depleted when the weatherman described this storm's snow as the kind that would "turn to concrete" if not immediately shoveled.  Ergh. 
Yesterday at about 4pm: 
Today at about 11am:

east bethesda: Spies in East Bethesda - 02/05/10 04:47 AM
Spies in East Bethesda...
Some of you may know Sandy Spagnolo (EBCA's social chairperson and professional organizer), a fiery redhead who has lived on Chestnut Street all her life.  But with all the newcomers in the neighborhood, not many of you remember her grandfather, Art Lundahl. 
Art was born in Chicago in 1915.  He worked for the CIA, and was the founding father of NPIC, the National Photographic Interpretation Center, formed in 1961.  It combined CIA, Army, Navy and Air Force assets to solve national intelligence problems.  It was the NPIC that first identified the basing of missiles in Cuba in 1962.  … (0 comments)

east bethesda: The Story of East Bethesda and the EBCA - 01/29/10 03:21 AM
Early History:  Profile of a Neighborhood
Bethesda has come a long way from the Five Points Indian trial at the East-West Highway/Wisconsin Avenue intersection.  Indian tribes from all over Maryland used to meet as their paths crossed at this point on their way to the river for the fishing season.
The first road was Old Georgetown.  It was a rolling road for tobacco farmers to get their barrels of tobacco (hogsheads) to the ships at Georgetown.
Up until the 1920's, the East Bethesda area where we live was still countryside.  There was a … (0 comments)

east bethesda: Your offer has been accepted... So, now what? Part IV (Title Insurance) - 01/28/10 02:23 AM
Your offer has been accepted... So, now what? Part IV (Title Insurance)
Title insurance is a good thing.  It protects you from claims from others on your new house (and these things do happen).  But it's bloody expensive. 
One way around the expense is to get a "re-issue" rate on title insurance.  If the current owner has been in the house for less than 10 years and they are able to put their hands on the physical title insurance policy, you just might be entitled to a discount. You can save a chunk of change if you are able to explore this route.  Doesn't happen … (1 comments)

east bethesda: Bethesda History- Madonna of the Trail - 01/27/10 09:13 AM
Madonna of the Trail
Did you know that our local Madonna of the Trail/Pioneer Mother monument is one of twelve identical statues throughout the US?  The idea behind the monuments can be traced back to a group of Missouri Women, who in 1912 were behind a resolution to Congress giving a formal name to the series of trails used by pioneers as they traveled West.  It was named "National Old Trails Road."  At the urging of then Judge Harry Truman, twelve statues at a cost of $1,000 each were placed in each of the twelve states along the trail. 
In 1927 … (6 comments)

east bethesda: Your offer has been accepted... So, now what? Part I (home inspections) - 01/19/10 06:15 AM
Your offer has been accepted... So, now what?
You've done the legwork and finally found something you can call home.  You make an offer and lo-and-behold, the house/condo/co-op will become yours within a few short weeks (hopefully).  Are you done yet?  Not quite.
In Maryland and the District of Columbia there are still a few things to be done (for the purpose of this article, we're going to assume that you are buying a property that is not in foreclosure or a short sale AND that it's currently free of tenants... that's another story and another post!):
1.  Home Inspections. During the … (4 comments)

east bethesda: East Bethesda Real Estate Wrap-up 2009 - 01/17/10 10:32 AM
East Bethesda Real Estate Statistics for 2009:
It's time for my annual number crunching.  So, how is East Bethesda real estate faring?  Better than the rest of the region.  Prices are down from last year, roughly 12% regionally and 6.9% within East Bethesda.  And while lower prices are never great for sellers, if you are a move-up buyer, the savings on your new home should more than offset the loss you'll take on your current.  At the time of this writing we have an extremely low inventory of homes for sale (4 houses are available in our neighborhood, ranging in price … (5 comments)

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