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What a great value-added service for your listing clients. Without going the full certification route, I wonder if there is a standard checklist that sellers might complete when getting ready to list their house for sale. Besides a home warranty and pre-inspection, I would think it would be a hel...
Does anyone know how staging certification works? Are there different certifications from different organizations? If so, what are the strengths and weaknesses of them. I would like to get certified but am not sure which direction to go. Any info would be greatly appreciated.  If I am going to ge...
This is vitally important so that you can obtain the information you need to efficiently and effectively serve your client. Unless your Buyer feels comfort and trust in you, you may not get complete honesty. It pays to take the time to establish rapport before going further - it will save time in...
Where does it end?  Smart phones, websites, internet access, virtual tours, call capture, Top Producer, and so on - all at a "nominal" monthly fee that can add up to mucho bucks. It is important to know which technologies have a return on the dollar. It is refreshing that at least ActiveRain is f...
Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on minimizing the cost of printer ink? With a printer at the office and three at home, keeping up with ink is getting pretty expensive. I know some people buy ink refills and refill the cartridge themselves, and am wondering if it worth the time an...
You are almost there. You just need to prepare for closing and prepare for moving day. Order utilities a few days before. Notify contacts of your address change. Schedule a locksmith to change the locks - this is a must! Then go to closing, relax, and enjoy your new home.  Take a moment to thank ...
Once the contract has signed, you will need to follow through on any terms set in the contract. This may include things such applying for financing and ordering a general home and other inspections, appraisal, survey, and home warranty.  You will also need to choose a closing time and place, and ...
Once you have found a home, the next step is to write a contract. This starts with making an offer on house, indicating what price and terms you want. The Seller may accept your offer, decline your offer, or make a counteroffer. Once you have both agreed on the contract, both parties will sign it...
The next step is to look at properties. From your consultation, your realtor will do a thorough search of all available properties in the location that you want with the features that your want and within the price range that your want and are qualified for.  You will review the list and select t...
In your initial consultation with your realtor, you will be asked about your wants and needs. What do you want in a home? Where would you like to live? Do you need to be in a particular school district?  You will be asked about your financial qualifications. Will you use cash or financing? If fin...

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