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 Question: I have an accepted offer on a short sale where Bank of America owns the mortgage, and I am using Bank of America for my lender.  The appraisal came back $40,000 less than the offer price. Will Bank of America lower the price? Answer:  The short answer is they may possibly lower the pri...
Silicon Valley Short Sale with Wells Fargo: Take Time to Make Follow Up Calls Short Sales are not short, as anyone knows, but many banks are making great strides in streamlining the process.  There are short sale platforms, like Equator, where everything goes online and you can see where you are ...
Relocation Expenses From a Menlo Park Short Sale   The owners of a home in Menlo Park just got a short sale approval from Aurora.  They asked me the following:  "The approval letter did not say anything about $3000 towards relocation expenses. On their web site they said we could get that money f...
It has been quiet on the lead front the last 2 weeks. While I have been busy, new lead contacts have not. This morning I finally got a new lead, a buyer looking for a multi family home in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, or Mountain View under 700K. The last time that happened, that is an internet lead fo...
Again I ask, where has the time gone? Still in semi vacation mode, but I did a little work today.  I called All Pro Cleaning in Mountain View for my new Santa Clara listing.  He is going to be able to clean the house, windows, gutters, back deck, and maybe even clean the carpet on the stairs. I a...
If you want to sell your home but it is worth less than your mortgage then you are not alone. A large percentage of homeowners are in this situation.  Fortunately, in the last year many banks have made the process of doing of short salesmore efficient and are approving short sales in record numbe...
  Have you noticed that there is an increase in the number of trust and sometimes probate sales in Palo Alto and the surrounding  areas?  Here is a logical explanation for this.  The World War 2 generation is unfortunately dying off.  Many people in this generation lived in their homes for many y...
Today was a very rainy, windy day. I woke up to the electricity in the neighborhood going off.  I was not too upset because I can get online by tethering my phone to my laptop to get internet so I was good in that department, and my gas stove burners worked so I could boil water for tea. The loss...
Everyone likes to to look for homes when it is sunny.  Open houses during the spring and summer in Palo Alto are always crowded.  Some people think open houses are a Palo Alto recreational activity, much like soccer games, or concerts i the park.  Well, if you are just curious about the market o...
It's raining in Northern California today, It's mostly just been a steady rain, not a downpour, but steady, all day. It's the kind of day you want to stay in the house and drink hot chocolate. However, I did my job, went out in the rain and showed a buyer 4 properties, and did not complain. This ...

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