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Here's the problem. The buyers on my short sale listing want to close on March 23 because they have a great loan lock.  They make an offer on a one of my short sale listings on Feb 20th. The price had been previously approved but I tell them that I would be surprised if we will be ready on our en...
I was asked an interesting question recently. What is the percentage of cash buyers in Palo Alto?  It may not be what you think.   Homes under 1 million in the last year: 67 total  Sold with all cash:  9 Homes from 1-2 million:  255     Sold with all cash:  31 Homes from 2-3  million:  64  Sold w...
I have to admit that in a toss up for best picture between The Social Network and The King's Speech I was neutral.  I think they were both fantastic, with great scripts and acting for both. However, when it comes to investing in real estate, "The Social; Network" wins hands down. You are probably...
I hope all my fellow Midtown Palo Alto residents made it through the storm last night. It was pretty wild out there. Since it looks like we are in for a prolonged period of wetness I hope everyone gives their gutters a second cleaning for the season.  I know most people will get their gutters cle...
Not everyone is cut out to be a short sale buyer. It is a long, and sometimes frustrating process. It is not for everyone. so how do you know what makes for a good short sale buyer, one who will stick it out for the duration and be committed to the process. Here are some attributes I think contri...
One of my listings is a short sale in a lovely complex in Santa Clara.  It was only on the market about a week and I got 3 offers on it.  It was priced appropriately, looked good, and I had an open house on Sat and Sun. with plenty of traffic. My sellers signed one of the offers which included a ...
I got a call a few days ago from a buyer of a home in southern California. He made an all cash offer on a foreclosed property which was countered at a higher price because there was a second offer from and FHA buyer for more money. He agreed to the higher price and then did his inspections. there...
I recently got a newsletter from a mortgage broker at Princeton Capitol, confirming what I have been telling clients for the last 16 years.  If you are purchasing a home, or accepting an offer to purchase a home and the contract is "As-Is" do not discuss the specific inspection reports in the con...
While much of the Bay Area has seen a large increase in the number of homes being sold as short sales there have not been very many Menlo Park homes or Palo Alto homes that are being sold this way.  However, as long the housing market has not appreciated back to the peak levels, and there are sti...

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