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Great news for people who need to short sell their Blossom Valley or Silicon Valley home! If you have a hardship, loss of job, divorce, change in financial circumstance from medical or family issue, etc, you can now be considered for a short sale even if you have not missed a mortgage payment. Fr...
In 2004 my son left to go to college at New York University which is in the Village. At the time, the Village was The place to be for not only NYU students, but young professionals as well as the artists struggling in NY. When he graduated in 2008 the financial market was in crisis so rents were ...
If you are a new (or even experienced Santa Clara investor) you may wonder which makes a better investment, a condo or a single family home in the Silicon Valley? The answer is either, depending on your goals. The most important question is are you more interested in cash flow or long term apprec...
There are many people living in Palo Alto who have been here for a long time and have a lot of equity in their homes. They may not have huge retirement income, but there is money in the value in their home if money is needed. The question is what is the best thing to do if a senior needs money? S...
I am so excited about this news! I know, it doesn't take much for me to get excited, but this is really big news in my opinion. Up until now if you were involved in a Silicon Valley Bank of America Short Sale they did not take electronic signatures. This would have been ok if the bank could sit w...
I am not a lawyer and do not play one on TV. If you are in this position PLEASE CALL YOUR PROBATE OR TRUST LAWYER to determine how to deal with this situation. I got a call from a nice young man who asked me to help sell his grandmother's home in Redwood City. The grandmother had recently passed ...
And by certified I don’t mean on Sesame Street. There is nothing worse than getting to the closing of your Mountain View probate sale and finding out, oops you can’t close.  Or even worse, you are an out of town Personal Representative on this Silicon Valley Probate Sale and you are told there is...
Today I pulled into my Midtown Palo Alto driveway around 2:30. Like most of the homes in midtown there is only a one car garage, and after you put the washer and dryer in it there is no room for a car. Most people park in their driveways, which today was very fortunate. When I opened my car door ...
I was reading about short sales, as I do every Sunday morning on a great site for short sale information Short Sale Superstars. There was a discussion about a Bank of America Short Sale that had been approved, and then denied after the approval, a few days before closing. The reason: The seller w...
Everyone knows Palo Alto's housing market is hot, homes get multiple offers, and sales can be wildly over asking price, but that does not mean a seller can price his/her home at any price and get these results. As a long time Palo Alto real estate agent I can assure you that today's buyers are mo...

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