mountain view short sale real estate agent: Why You May Need To Put On A New Roof When Selling Mountain View Home - 12/16/13 10:29 PM
The market is hot in Mountain View, inventory is down to almost nothing, homes get multiple offers, and Mountain View home sellers are in the driver's seat. So Does this mean it is ok to just put a home on the market in any condition and you will get offers 20-30% over list price? Unfortunately not always. 
While it is true that there is a lot of cash out in the world, assuming that you will have multiple excellent cash offers to chose from when selling your Mountain View home is not always the case. I recently listed a home that had 12 offers, and … (3 comments)

mountain view short sale real estate agent: Should You Start Your Mountain View Short Sale In December? - 12/10/11 10:43 AM
Yes. You should start your short sale as soon as you decide this is the best option for you. Short sales are not for everyone, but if you have decided this is the way you want to go then do not let the holidays stop you. ther is a lot to do to acomplish your short sale so you should get started as soon as you make that decision. Here are some steps you need to take:
1. Find a real estate agent to help you who knows what he or she is doing. If the agent you would trust … (0 comments)

mountain view short sale real estate agent: Past Due Mountain View Helocs Can Be Sold To Collection Agencies - 08/23/11 04:36 AM
If you are an owner of a home with a second loan that is a Home Equity Line and you are having trouble paying your mortgage you should do something about it right away. I know you have probably heard that banks are taking up to 2 years to foreclose so you have plenty of time, but there is a dirty little secret in the mortgage world.  HELOCs are not entirely like traditional mortgages, they are more like credit cards. If you do not pay your first mortgage your lender needs to find a way to collect the money or take … (0 comments)

mountain view short sale real estate agent: Can a Bank Really Change My Locks on My Mountain View Short Sale? - 07/24/11 04:21 PM
Seems like a bizarre question doesn't it? Well guess what, it is not.  If you are selling your home as short sale the bank may have the right to send a property preservation company to the house and "secure it" if they feel the house is vacant and abandoned. But it is still my house, right?
Yes, it is still your house, even if you have stopped making payments, but here is the catch. Many loans contain clauses that say if you abandon your home the bank has a right to secure the property to preserve their interest in the home … (2 comments)

mountain view short sale real estate agent: Buyers of Mountain View Ca Short Sales Should Not Buy the Seller's Furniture - 07/13/11 10:54 AM
When a buyer makes an offer on a Mountain View, or any Silicon Valley Short Sale they ocassionally want to purchase some of the furniture in the house.  Sometimes there is a couch that fits perfectly in the family room, or a dining room table that is too big for the seller's new house and they want to sell it. It's ok to do that, right?
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!
Should I say it again?  Ok, NO DO NOT DO IT!!!!!
Here is why.  The seller is not allowed to have any gain from the sale of the home.  The … (1 comments)

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