palo alto short sale realtor: Palo Alto Ca Short Sale/Bank Owned Round Up - 07/30/12 05:46 AM
In Palo Alto from Jan 1, 2012 until June 30, 2012 there were:
1 closed short sales
3 closed bank owned homes
Total sales during this time period were 284
Total % Short Sales: .3%
Total % REO Sales: .9%
Total Percentage  Palo Alto Distressed Properties: 1.2%
1.2% of all Palo Alto sales being distressed properties is not enough to even comment on. The price of homes have in Palo Alto is now up to pre 2008 prices in the $2,500,000 price range and the homes over $2,500,000 usually do not have loans that are a very high percentage of their value so anyone … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: How is a Palo Alto Short Sale Different From a Regular Sale? - 05/21/11 12:11 PM
How is a Palo Alto Short Sale Different From a Regular Sale
A short sale is not the same as a regular sale and the differences are very significant. It is not a simple process and if you are buying or selling a short sale you should be working with an agent who knows what her or she is doing.
In a short sale the seller owes more on the home than it is worth. The seller needs to ask the lien holders if they will accept less than the amount owed to them.  There can be one … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Palo Alto Ca Short Sale/REO Watch 11/30/2010 - 11/30/10 03:32 PM
Are you waiting for the rash of short sales and REO properties in Palo Alto so you can snatch a bargain. or just curious about them? Well, not much has changed in the last few months. There are a few of these types of sales, but not many. Short sales, as in other places, are more common than foreclosures. Most banks are at least giving homeowners the option to try to do a loan modification or short sale before foreclosing. These options do not always work, but they are worth a try.
Active Short Sale Listings:  1 condo  2 Single family … (4 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Why Is A Palo Alto Escrow Like a Teen Romance? - 11/23/10 03:33 PM
The beginning of a Palo Alto escrow is like the beginning of a teenage romance, everything is perfect. You have found your soul mate and all promises are meant to be kept.  You never dream that your heart will ever be broken. It doesn't matter that one party is a jock and the other an intellectual, one is a Democrat and one a Republican, or one likes to party and the other is a vegan. And then reality sets in. I don't think I have to go into gory detail.  Well, sometimes an escrow is like that but hopefully your escrow will have a better track … (9 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Silicon Valley Short Sales: How Can They Help the Seller? - 09/28/10 08:52 AM

If you are a seller who is behind in your house payment, or are about to be you may be wondering what are your options and which is best for me.  Let me start out by saying that I am not trying to give legal or tax advice.  It is always best to ask a lawyer or accountant about your options.  But as a Santa Clara County short sale realtor I can offer some broad strokes that may apply to your situation. If you can not afford your mortgage you can: Try to get a loan modification.  You can ask … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: The Sophie's Choice for the Short Sale Seller (My Apologizes to Meryl Streep) - 09/16/10 02:01 AM

Elizabeth Weintraub, Short Sale Guru, wrote an amazing blog about the short sale process from the seller’s perspective.   She discusses the issue that when the buyer walks they do not lose anything and can go on and buy another house, but the seller potentially loses everything. They can try to get another buyer and another stab at selling the home, or they could get foreclosed. Getting fore-closed is getting to be the more likely scenario as many banks are refusing to postpone the foreclosure trustee sale or auction once the date is set.  Since so many sellers wait to initiate a short … (5 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Why Don't Banks Act Rationally in a Short Sale? - 08/26/10 02:38 PM
Why do some short sales get approved, and others rejected?  Why do some short sales with loans from the same bank get approved while others don’t?  Why do some short sales with loans by the same bank in the same developments get approved while others are denied? The world of the short sale is changing on a daily basis, and what you know today will be different tomorrow. The rules change, the players change, the documentation changes every minute.  There is, however, one constant: you do not always know whether a short sale will close or not.  Two years ago only about 5% were closing, now … (6 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Palo Alto CA Market Update, August 8th: Single Family Homes - 08/09/10 01:24 PM
Who is Selling in Palo Alto This Week? Active listings:  95 Pending Sales:  50 Our ratios are pretty good again with less than 2 homes for sale for every pending sale.  I decided to do another post on who is selling. I did this once last year and thought it was pretty interesting. Here is this week’s breakdown: Owner occupied:  32 Bank owned: 1 Short sale: 0 Tenant occupied: 9 Probate: 0 Vacant: 29 New: 16 Lot value: 3 Stanford affiliates only: 3 In foreclosure but not there yet and not a short sale: 1 This is just a generalization and … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Will Palo Alto Have a Rash of Closed Short Sales? - 07/30/10 02:49 PM
Last year I predicted that Palo Alto will see more short sales in the future. Well, the future is now so what is happening?  There are currently 2  short sales on the market,  5 in escrow,  and 6 closed in the last year.  This isn't a huge number, but certainly more than we saw in the early part of the century.  There's a lot of chatter in the media about how the government is giving banks and homeowners incentives for short sales, and how banks save money by allowing short sales, but does that help the typical Palo Alto underwater seller? The … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Don't Get Behind on Your Mortgage in Palo Alto! - 07/29/10 10:38 AM

Many distressed homeowners have found that if they are unable to make mortgage payments they are frequently not foreclosed on for many many many months.  It appears as if many banks are trying to release foreclosures in a way that will not further depress prices and want to keep these delinquent homeowners in a home so that it is not vacant for long periods of time, which further devalues their investment.   However, this does not seem to be the case for Palo Alto.  While Palo Alto has had very few foreclosures come to the market, the ones that have are … (5 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Do You Want to Buy a New Car? - 07/16/10 12:05 PM
OR: What Hurts More, A Short Sale or One Where There's Still Equity But You Have Lost A Lot This morning my husband opened up an envelope with information about his stock options. He looked at me and said, “Do you want to buy a new car?”  My answer was of “Of course not.” He then explained we'd just lost $50,000 in value from his stock options.  My response? “Don’t be so greedy.”   We are both working, our mortgages are almost paid off on the house and rental properties, and the stock options are like dessert, nice but not essential. However, … (1 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Bay Area Premiere of New Beulah - 07/11/10 03:37 PM


palo alto short sale realtor: Arson in Hoover Park, Midtown Palo Alto CA - 07/08/10 01:53 PM
There was a fire in Palo Alto's Hoover Park yesterday.  The play structure in the back of the park next to the skateboard rink was set on fire and one of the redwoods next to it was charred.  As of this morning the Palo Alto police said it was arson. The structure has been taped off, but a chain link fence will go up soon to make sure no one is hurt. It is not known who the arsonist is but my guess is that some kids playing with post 4th of July fireworks may have done it, or maybe a cigarette. The representative … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Hardships and Short Sales - 07/02/10 05:52 AM
This informative post is re-blogged from Partner First, an online real estate network with resources for buyers, sellers, and agents. This post was written by Jacob Swodeck, and published on his Partner First affiliated blog.

BACK TO THE BASICS: HARDSHIP AND THE HOMEOWNER...WHAT WILL FLY? Posted by: jswodeck on Jun 01, 2010 Tagged in: Untagged  What qualifies as hardship in a short sale? I get this question fairly often, and it should be addressed. First, I’ll tell you what does not qualify as hardship, and that is simply being underwater. If you owe more than you are worth, being upside down alone is not … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Palo Alto CA Market Update, June 27th: With A Neighborhood Twist! - 06/30/10 08:24 AM
Active Listings: 110 Pending Sales: 49 There has been a jump in inventory this week ahead of the fourth of July holiday. Since there will not be a lot of new listings this week due to the holiday some of this inventory may be sold off, or maybe not. I will keep my eye on it. I thought the neighborhood breakdown was interesting so I am going to do it again.  So here is the neighborhood breakdown: Downtown:  5 Active  2 Pending                                      one less pending Professorville:  3 Active  2 Pending                                 exactly the same Community Center:  6 Active  3 Pending                       more listings … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: The FACTS About Palo Alto Short Sales and Foreclosures - 06/08/10 01:51 PM
There's a lot of chatter on real estate blogs about the steep increase in foreclosures and short sales in Palo Alto.Unfortunately many sites post stats from a company called Realty Trac which tracts everything from a Notice of Default through a listed bank owned property.  Many things can happen before a home with a Notice of Default actually gets to be sold by the bank, but unless you read the fine print carefully it is easy to confuse a house that is behind a few months in payments with an actual bank owned property on the market for sale. Most bank owned homes as … (2 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Twitter - 06/08/10 01:06 PM
I did it. I finally joined Twitter. And after playing around with it for a little while, I have to admit... it's actually kind of FUN. Feels like a big spontaneous conversation. Are any of you on Twitter? What do you think of the networking tool? 
Follow Me, marcyagent!

palo alto short sale realtor: Is Zibibbo Closed? - 06/08/10 01:04 PM
I was walking around downtown Palo Alto yesterday and I noticed that the typically crowded Zibibbo is closed. Not sure if it's temporary or what, but it looked pretty permanent. Does anyone know anything about this?
I've always heard great things about Zibibbo--it has over three hundred reviews on Yelp (most of them positive) and a few years ago it was one of Gourmet Magazine's twenty best American restaurants. Which I guess doesn't mean so much anymore, considering Gourmet's sad fate earlier this spring. Like Gourmet, Zibibbo may have just been too stranded in an earlier time--a time when people … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: Palo Alto CA Market Update, June 6th: Single Family Homes - 06/08/10 12:36 PM
Here's today's snapshot of the Palo Alto single family home market: 
103  Active listings
50  Pending sales
Breakdown of Price Points:
Under 1 million: 14 Active Listings / 10 Pending Sales
1 to 2 Mil:  48 Active Listings/ 28 Pending Sales
2-3 Million 27 Active listings/ 9 Pending Sales
3+ mil: 14 Active Listings/ 3 Pending Sales
What does mean? There is a pretty good jump in inventory for 89 to 103 active listings. Active to pending ratio is starting to increase in the under 1 million and 1-2 million dollar price points. It had … (0 comments)

palo alto short sale realtor: What is a Probate Sale? - 06/02/10 04:17 PM
    THE BASICS     
1. Probate courts have various responsibilities, but in regards to real estate probate is the process of distributing the estate of a deceased person, called the decedent. The estate is any property or cash that has not been distributed into a trust.
2. The decedent can either die leaving a will (testate) or not leaving a will (intestate) In either case the estate needs to be probated in order to distribute the assets. (property, cash, real estate)
3. If there is a will, a Testate Estate, the person named in the will as the … (5 comments)

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