santa cruz real estate agent: Keeping Tenants In Place When Buying a Santa Cruz Rental Property - 10/20/17 11:23 AM

If you are one of smart Silicon Valley investors who is buying a rental property in Santa Cruz you may be buying one that has tenants in place. If that is the case it is very possible that the current tenants are not paying Santa Cruz market rental rates. 
Current Santa Cruz rental market rates are at a very high level. It is common to get at least $1200 a bedroom and not unheard of to get $1600 a bedroom. 
So what is the best thing to do if you are a Silicon Valley inverstor and have Santa Cruz tenants paying $1000 a bedroom, … (0 comments)

santa cruz real estate agent: How Much Can An Investor Get For Rent In Santa Cruz, Ca? - 10/04/17 05:27 PM
Many of my Silicon Valley Investors are finding that the price it costs to purchase an investment rental property  in someplace like Palo Alto, Mountain View, or even downtown San Jose has gone up much faster that the rental market value has.  It is not unusual to see CAP rates of 1 or 2 % which is the return on your investment after expenses are paid, but before any costs for a mortgage. So if your mortgage is 4.25% for an investment rental property and you only make 2% after expenses and before a mortgage you will lose 2.25% in cash flow … (0 comments)

santa cruz real estate agent: Renting to Students in Santa Cruz, Ca: Pro's and Cons - 10/01/17 11:37 AM
I am a realtor and a Santa Cruz rental property investor since 2000. There are many reasons to invest in Santa Cruz rental properties, some of which I have discussed in this article. Today I want to talk about what the pros and cons are in renting to UCSC students. 
Here are the pros that I have experienced.
1. Vacancies are virtually non existent: There are almost $18,000 UCSC students and in any given year there is only room to house about 8,000 of them on campus. There are always many thousands of students looking for a place to rent, so the potential … (5 comments)

santa cruz real estate agent: Santa Cruz, Ca. Is A Great Place For Real Estate Investors - 09/28/17 09:15 AM
Santa Cruz, known for the beach, the boardwalk, Pacific Ave, hippies, and organic food, along with University of California Santa Cruz is also probably the best place for investors looking for rental properties right now. Here are some reasons why.
62% of Santa Cruz residents live in rentals, compared to a ntional average of 43% Average sale price of Santa Cruz homes has doubled in the last 5 years Cap rates for Santa Cruz rental properties are between 3.5-4% very easy to obtain, as opposed to 2.5-3% in The Silicon Valley No rent control but there is a one year moratorium on … (10 comments)

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