silicon valley short sales: A Plea For More Silicon Valley Listings in December - 12/17/11 12:42 PM
It happens every year. Agents tell their sellers that they should wait until after the holidays to put their homes on the market. They say no one is looking during December so don't bother. Translation: Agent wants much needed and deserved time off during the holidays, or seller has a lot of family coming and does not want people traipsing through their home with all of the activity going on.
Other side of the equation: Very busy professional gets some down time the last two weeks of the year. Or, out of town relocation buyers are coming to the area to … (0 comments)

silicon valley short sales: It's Almost Midnight For Sunnyvale Short Sale Federal Tax Debt Forgiveness - 11/21/11 04:13 PM
If you can not pay your mortgage you might want to do something about it sooner rather than later. Here's why:
1. The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 is set to expire at the end of 2012
2. This act says that if you sell your primary residence as a short sale or it is foreclosed then no federal tax is owned on the debt foregiveness, the difference between what you owe and what the bank was paid back after the short sale or foreclosure.
3. In 2013, unless the act is extended there will be taxes owned on homes … (2 comments)

silicon valley short sales: What Happens If You Want to Buy a San Jose Condo With More Than 30% Rentals - 09/04/11 01:40 PM

Buying a condo can be complicated. There are many things a buyer and lender will look at to determine if it is the right place to buy and if the lender feels it is a safe investment.  Some of the considerations for the lender are:
1. How many delinquent HOA dues are outstanding?
2. How many recent foreclosures or short sales?
3. Is all of the needed insurance in place for full replacement?
4. How well funded are the reserves?
5. Is there any outstanding litigation?
6. And now a very important question is what is the percentage of … (0 comments)

silicon valley short sales: Great News For Silicon Valley Short Sale Sellers - 07/17/11 09:07 AM
A few days ago short sale sellers in California got great news!  Governor Brown signed a bill which prohibits lenders and investors of junior loans to pursue a deficiency judgment on most approved short sales.  First lien holders are already prohibited from deficiency judgments, but second mortgages and HELOCS were not previously exempted. As of July 15th, they are included. So, if a bank approves your short sale, then they have to give up all rights to going after the borrower for any deficiencies. So if the second lender says they will take $6000 for an $85,000 HELEC, that is all … (0 comments)

silicon valley short sales: Silicon Valley/Bay Area Short Sale Up Front Pricing: How It Can Help Both Buyer and Seller - 10/13/10 03:54 PM
HAFA does it, and now Bank of America is trying it. What is it?  In a short sale the seller owes more to the bank than their home is worth. In order to sell the home the bank or banks have to agree to accept less than property is worth to satisfy the loan.  The problem is that no one knows what the bank will accept until they get an offer and that offer is analyzed by the lenders.  Since this often takes many months it can often lead to foreclosure at worst, and incredible frustration at best.
HAFA short sales which … (0 comments)

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