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Just found out that another property that we highlighted with video has been sold to an international buyer. As others have pointed out, at the end of the day it is the sales of properties that matter. The broker indicted to us that the vidlisting property tour was a key part of the sales process...
Conventional thinking: Go to external video upload site. Upload video. Cut and paste. Hope for visitors. Once I have more than 1 video, manage video content on a "channel" hosted and branded by another company. New Thinking: The real estate organization has its own real estate video upload and ma...
Many of you know that has been working to develop a dedicated luxury multimedia program for properties across the U.S. and throughout the Americas.Today, we announced the DISTINCTIVE TV luxury real estate video marketing program at a luxury home marketing training event for the REA...
Vidlisting will begin offering performance based pricing for video tours for residential properties in South Florida. We'll be adding other areas in the United States over the next few months.What Does Performance Based Pricing Mean?Property videos are actually advertisements. Advertising is gene...
I was using an application the other day that allowed me to insert any image from my hard drive into the document that I was writing. Think of this as a process involving the following chronological points: consent to adding content, search (from within a known but variable set of content choices...
The Myth Examined Fred Light is one of the most respected real estate videographers in the US. However, we differ on a key point: whether or not video an uploaded real estate video provides some sort of magical SEO benefits just by virtue of the medium. Oddly, lots of other smart people including...
The Cornerstones of Loyalty Building If we had only known how important the question that we asked in January 2007 would be, "what type of repeat visitors to our site should we be focusing on?". We decided that a rather fuzzily defined group known as "prospective buyers" should be the focus of ou...
Who would have thought that a high end property in Santa Cruz , Bolivia of all places would get more than 1000 views in 12 days?  This video is on track to do exactly that if it continues its current pace thanks to the distribution model that we have put in place for it.http://www.bienesraicesvid...
Hopefully, this post will show people how to glean useful data out of their site statistics. We'll be using our own actual data as the example - therefore all of the analysis is in the context of real estate video.  However, the same techniques can just as easily apply to listings, virtual tours,...

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