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The blog and thinkpad of a real estate video professional. Topics include property tours, software development, advice about technology, consulting, and discussion of conceptual topics. All videos produced by are produced with professional narration in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Miami, Orlando, Panama, Spain, England, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas



Vidoe views can be a useful or empty metric depending on the aggregate quality of the views (who watches and how interested they are in actually buying that property).  While some may assume a few dozen real estate video views per property tour to be the norm, we at Vidlisting never have thought ...
My general manager, Alicia Yabeta, has one of the leading spanish language real estate blogs.  In March 2007, she wrote a very popular blog post in Spanish: on 5 January...
Luxury property evokes different images in people. Though perhaps different, the fact is that just the word "luxury" iteslf evokes images. I have to say that the majority of things that I love about real estate video also generally have some connection to higher end homes - the architecture, the ...
Vidlisting's real estate video upload and conversion functionality is fully automated - no waiting for someone to approve your video (which we are sure in some cases actually means manual processing).You'll have your real estate video available and viewable online within minutes. We've always don...
We've just upgraded the vidlisting video upload form.  Why? We'd been receiving scattered reports that the geolocation section was failing on occasion for a small group of users. We also closely monitored the results of video uploads on a daily basis (number of visitors that started versus where ...
The REALTOR Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) has deployed their first RAMB branded video widgets for property videos and other video content such as interviews. Best of all, the widgets support multiple languages in the same interface. They've posted the first one in their span...

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