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Chicagoland Home Staging and Margaret Gehr's home Staging news, tips, articles, and experiences to share with home sellers in Naperville, IL, Chicago and everywhere.
When you live in colder climates like we do in the Chicagoland area, a fireplace is a true benefit that home buyers love. When selling your home, just as with any other asset, it is important to showcase them in the best possible light. As a professional home staging company, we do that by drawin...
The Tuscan look was becoming main stream only a decade ago. Unfortunately one can be sure that when the bulk of the population has it, it’s already past its prime. Ochre, golden yellows, dark greens, rust, and tomato reds have quickly lost favor to the soft and steely grays. What’s a seller to do...
Home staging is an opportunity to be creative with available inventory and maximizing the floor plan of a room. Having versatile pieces in our arsenol allows us to be innovative with design principles. Color, texture, shape, and flow all can be offered up in the small but mighty ottoman.  Chicago...
I love hearing and seeing what others would do with a room. In today's blog, I'll give you the before photos and I would love to hear what you would do with it, or if you are an agent, what you think potential customers would say/think about it if this were the MLS photo.  What would you do with ...
"Home staging is just cleaning and decluttering." is a common belief. The truth, however, is that staging is about creating a marketable product with a seller's largest investment, their home.  Chicagoland Home Staging recently staged this home in Naperville, IL. It had been on the market for ove...
Chicagoland Home Staging understands that three is one of the most pleasing numbers on the eye. It is a widely known fact that odd numbers are the key to a good design. Look around at nature and you'll find it represented everywhere. This is even why four leaf clovers are so lucky. They are incre...
We see it all the time on MLS. Homes that have good bones but scream for help. As professional stagers it makes us cringe because we know what these dated spaces could be, but aren't. While the seller may love the space exactly as it is, it is after all their home, there are two bigger questions ...
Home staging is the art of preparing a home for sale so that it received the highest possible sale price in the shortest period of time. Our suggestions range from inexpensive changes, like closet organization or getting the home white glove clean before showings, to higher priced changes like ge...
With the rise of Pinterest, Houzz, and other online eye-candy websites, everyone seems interested in home decor these days. Consumers are constantly looking for ideas on how to make their home just like the ones they see in their favorite magazines and photo rich sites. One of the beautiful thing...
We often talk about home staging being about neutralizing but sometimes it's really about creating elegance and simplicity. We help buyers see what they are buying - features of the home, not the stuff. As professional stagers, we visualize the potential that the home can be and help determine ho...

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