dewey color: Monday's Favorite Color! Ben Moore HC 144 Palladium Blue - 01/11/10 02:36 AM

Color doesn't get better than Palladium Blue! 
A terrific neutral to use when you get your house ready for sale! 
It allows you to bring in color - and also to use it as a neutral because of its gray undertones.
Here is some color speak:  The Dewey Color System categorizes Palladium Blue into the Blue Family - white tones, with a neutral color blend of Black.   Don't worry if that makes no sense!  
This color can be used as a neutral for your home. 
It is a multi-tasker for all kinds of rooms!
Check it out:  Benjamin Moore HC 144 Palladium Blue.  … (7 comments)

dewey color: Free Color Deck - Sherwin Williams Color Trends 2009 - 09/29/08 09:40 AM

Color Color Color!
We cannot get enough of it!!!
Check out Sherwin Williams Color Trend Forecast and get the free color deck for 2009!!!
               Have a colorful day!

dewey color: Too much of a good thing! - 12/27/07 03:20 PM
  Winter has just started  - and we are buried under 4 feet of snow!
        White is beautiful - but this is just too much of a good thing!
Where do you find color?
   Perhaps a glass of red wine and a fire?
    I found color today at the local consignment shop!
    A Thomas McKnight Painting.
    Simple, elegant, fantasy and color!
  Where did you find color today?
Margaret Ann Innis 

dewey color: Is it an alarm clock or an invitation? - 03/26/07 12:34 AM
Monday morning!  Whoa!  I was up till 2:00 AM last night reading active rain!  Can't seem to get enough of it! 
And now, Monday!  How do you get yourself up and at 'em?  I attended a conference a few weeks ago and the speaker (I'll have to look his name up) was great!  It is very had to get yourself psyched in a negative world and as a small business owner.   He said when your alarm clock goes off in the morning do you moan and groan?  Or do you look at it as an opportunity to success?  Is it a reason … (4 comments)

dewey color: Creating taglines for your business! - 03/25/07 04:13 PM
Do you have a tagline for your business yet - you know it is that extra phrase that adds dimension to your services...
Pepsi - for those who think young Coke - the real thing Ford - Built Ford tough If you are having trouble creating one = check out - it is a fun website that will create meaningful (or meaningless - giggle) phrases for you!  It is addictive!  Plug in your thoughts and it will help you brainstorm!  And it is free!

dewey color: Color me Staged! - 03/25/07 03:47 PM

Color is amazng.  In real estate especially!  Statistics tell us that yellow houses sell faster than other houses!    
Are you prepared to discuss color with your homeowners and Realtors?What do you say when Realtors ask you about color?Do you have color chips available for their selection?Do you dismiss any questions regarding color?Is color the differentiator for the house you are currently staging?Is color a business differentiator for you and your Staging business?Have you added color consultations to your staging business yet?Real estate - the business that is dominated by statistics, interest rates, cma's, credit scores, multi-million dollar producers!  But what sells the house?  Emotion!
And … (5 comments)

dewey color: Do you Google? What is your favorite news alert method? - 03/25/07 12:31 PM
Google works great for staging - outside of getting construction notices for fabricated staging for buildings - it also brings some wonderful people to your door!
Craig Schiller (you are fabuousl) via Google Alerts dropped by today - here is the link courtesy of American Chronicle!
Thank you Craig!  You are the best for bringing us together!

dewey color: Dance: 10! Looks: 3! - 03/13/07 11:19 PM
Remove dead plants!
Realtors will always need Stagers!
A day in the life of a Listing Agent is tough! 
They are ecstatic when they get a listing but have no time to Stage for the photo!
  Christmas is over!
 Get rid of clutter!
These are MLS photos of new listings in Andover MA for March 14, 2007.  

dewey color: How do you solve the nuisance of trains and highways? - 03/10/07 03:17 AM
They don't make land anymore - Will Rogers.
Houses are being built near highways - exit ramps are in the back yard.  Train whistles and train tracks are in neighborhoods of new construction.  Homes (not just new construction) need solutions to these nuisances.  We have solved this problems in a couple of unique ways - but we need more ideas!  Even after a price adjustment, houses on busy streets and near train tracks take 10% longer to sell.  
We have tried these ideas:
Radios on 24/7 to classic music station.Water fountains on decks.Shades, curtain treatments to block the view of the 120 car freight train … (10 comments)

dewey color: I am Stager! Hear me Roar! - 03/09/07 06:15 AM
 I am Stager!  Hear me Roar!
 As a Stager we love the Staging Work!  However, marketing to Realtors is not the easiest because Realtors are hard to change!  And Staging is Change!  To get Realtors to offer change to their homeowners - Let's take Charge!  
And, with thanks to Floyd Wickman and Sweathogs, I offer the following:  "If you repeat an affirmation often enough and with enough belief it will become true."  Floyd Wickman.
Sounds like the Secret doesn't it?   Floyd has an affirmation for Realtors who take his class.  I have tweaked it for Stagers.  (With thanks to Fran Jeffers!)
I am an Expert Stager.  … (10 comments)

dewey color: Desperate Builder Loves Staging! - 03/08/07 09:48 AM
Imagine you have a desperate builder calling you.  He has problems:
His spec house is still on the market, his "construction insurance" is about to run out and he has hit his bottom line. and calls you to stage the house!  
He wants the house Staged last week!  You know, I should have done it sooner! 
Your stock is already working someplace else so you will need rental.  Ok here we go.  I dislike using rental.  I have several key pieces that work well for me.  And I like them working for me - slow months you still get a check.   But this builder is … (13 comments)

dewey color: Top Ten List of Favorite Seminars - 03/06/07 07:52 AM
Imagine this:  You took a course 11 years ago and you still remember it! 
Karl Lohan of HGTV - Hang those pix 66" off the floor!Basic Dec w/Joanne LucasAnn Anderson of IRIS Jennie Norris - Raise the Bar at SHC Symposium 2006Feng Shui w/Mary StewartGen X Trends at Mass Assn of Realtors Convention. Continuing Ed w/AREA. ASP Course in NYC.  Who knew that a kitchen could look that good!Barb SchwarzAnthony Robbins 1 Day Seminar - This guy was as tall as could be - no we didn't firewalk! … (1 comments)

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