kcmo real estate: Kansas City Open House Sunday 19 July 2009 - 07/19/09 02:55 AM
  3 Bedrooms 2 and 1/2 Baths
  + Den/Office
  East of Ward Parkway and West of Valley on 70th Ter.
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kcmo real estate: Market Reports Kansas City through May 2009 - 07/12/09 01:52 PM

These numbers are from Heartland MLS. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Totals include commercial, residential, lots & land, and multi-dwelling units within the entire Heartland MLS area - all 5,000 square miles.
To find out about home values in and around your neighborhood, please consult with a professional realtor as there are dramatic differences in all variables from one neighborhood to the next.
Overall, the Kansas City Greater Metropolitan Area is down ~12% from last year. This is an average percentage so some neighborhoods are up a little while others are down. Please call if you would … (3 comments)

kcmo real estate: Country Club District, Heights & Ridge: January - June 2009 - 07/11/09 02:56 PM
Country Club District: January - June 2009.  Kansas City, MO: between the Brookside shops and Loose Park.
There are currently 2 Active Listings.
3 Sold during this time period.
The average Sold price was $216,333.
Country Club Heights:
There are 5 Active listings today.
2 homes have Pending Contracts.
1 Sold at $370,000. ($375,000. List)
Country Club Ridge:
There are 8 Active listings today.
3 have Sold during the time period.
The average Sold price was $672,000.
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kcmo real estate: Armour Fields: January - June 2009 - 07/11/09 02:08 PM
Armour Fields exists just west of Armour Hills in Brookside.
There are 6 Active Listings today.  1 Contract is Pending.
2 have Sold during the first half of 2009.
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kcmo real estate: Armour Hills January - June 2009 Kansas City Real Estate - 07/11/09 02:01 PM
There are 25 Active listings in Armour Hills today. Average list price is $256,875. Average square feet is 1946.
There are 3 homes with Contracts Pending; 5 accepting Back Up Offers.
28 homes were SOLD in the 1st half of 2009. The average Sold price was $223,348.
map of Armour Hills
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kcmo real estate: Armour Hills Gardens Market Statistics 1st half of 2009 - 07/11/09 02:00 PM
Armour Hills Gardens is right next to Armour Hills in Brookside. Roughly covering the area from 66th to 69th St & Oak to Holmes.
There are currently 10 Active Listings (homes for sale.)
3 Pending Contracts; 1 accepting Back Up Offers and
7 Sold in the first half of 2009.
The average sold price is $210,993.
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kcmo real estate: KCMO Rocket - 06/06/09 07:28 AM
Guess where this is?
On Main Street in KCMO! Have you ever noticed it? If you are coming north from the Plaza, heading towards downtown, this will be on the east side of the street. (right hand side)
See, it's on top of the old TWA Building! You may have driven by it without noticing unless you remembered to look up. I took this picture Tuesday when we were out previewing condos.
If you or someone you know is planning to buy or sell a home in Kansas City, I'd be happy to talk with you about your … (4 comments)

kcmo real estate: Kansas City Residential Property Statistics for the 64113 Zip Code - 06/03/09 05:43 AM
Residential Property Statistics for Zip Code Area 64113
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 car garage
Compiled from Heartland MLS. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
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kcmo real estate: Brookside Neighborhood Statuary - 05/29/09 04:30 PM
Just a nice statuary and some flowers that caught my eye.
Do you ever notice something that you pass by frequently?
What happens when you take a closer look?
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kcmo real estate: My Half Day Off From Real Estate - 05/23/09 05:46 PM
All I had to do for my real estate business today was accomplished in a few hours so I had time for some personal activities.
The really fun part of the day was getting my two new adopted dogs together with my neighbor dogs.
All four dogs have been introduced through the fence previosly.  First, we tried 3 dogs together.
After a fair amount of play time,
everyone took a water break.
<Heavy panting.>
Keep in mind that while these three were playing,
Kody was on the other side of the fence … (11 comments)

kcmo real estate: Do You Know Jack? - Lesson 1 for Real Estate Investors - 05/23/09 04:55 AM
This is Jack. Jack lives in Kansas City. He listens to his realtor friends.
  This is Indie. Indie is a happy, insecure, buffoon type. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed but at least she knows Jack. 
  Without guidance, Indie tends to run back and forth, cutting a path without really going anywhere. She has a lot of energy but lacks focus and direction.
  Jack is observant, lean, and graceful. Jack does not flit back and forth aimlessly. He moves with precision. He knows where the bones are buried. When Jack goes after something, he does so … (23 comments)

kcmo real estate: Dressed for Success - 05/20/09 04:32 AM
                    My dogs are love puppies so when friends come over to visit, they do their best to grab all the attention they can get. This friend is a real dog person so she not only petted and talked to them, she gave them more than they were expecting.                              
                                      Kody with his new tie.
Wahtever one gets, the other one wants...
So Hanna got … (6 comments)

kcmo real estate: Kansas City, MO Brookside Condo For Sale - 05/16/09 04:14 PM

kcmo real estate: Not Open Sunday - 05/15/09 05:51 PM
This tastefully remodeled home was scheduled to be on the Open House tour this coming Sunday but this Open House has been cancelled. An offer was made and accepted today so this home has a contract pending. My apologies to the buyers who were planning on seeing and deciding this weekend. Yes, I know the home was only on the market for 11 days but it's a great house.
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kcmo real estate: Friday - 05/15/09 05:22 PM
For lunch today, I took a walk across the street to have lunch at Brio's on the Country Club Plaza. We had a leisurely lunch with superb food and engaging converstion.
Good food, good wine, good company, good service. What an excellent combination to fortify your body and mind.
If you would like assistance in finding a home near the Plaza so that you can walk to the many fine restaurants for lunch also, start here.
Maria Morton
Prudential Kansas City Realty
816.560.3758 Mobile
816.410.5500 Office
Thank you for reading.
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kcmo real estate: How Can FAMBUDS Help You? - 05/15/09 07:42 AM
 When your Friend, Aunt, Mother, Brother, Uncle, Daughter, Sister (FAMBUDS) is buying a home, what can you do to help?   Think back to when you bought your first home. Remember when you didn’t know what an HVAC was; or PMI? Remember how hard it was to decide between your two most favorite homes? What if you pick the wrong one? Do you need a basement? What if you get sick or lose your job? Will the bank really give you $150,000?  
Your FAMBUDS needs your support and encouragement. They are nervous, excited and maybe even a little bit scared. Can … (2 comments)

kcmo real estate: Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad - 05/13/09 03:52 PM
Meatloaf is right; two out of three ain't bad at all. Actually, when buying real estate, it's quite good.Here's what I mean:There are three important factors when evaluating a piece of real estate.   1) Location2) Condition3) PriceLocation is a huge consideration when choosing a home. You want to be close to something. Work, shopping, family, friends, school, the gym, or whatever is important in your life. Everyone wants to be close to something or someone. The most popular locations are generally more expensive per square foot than the less popular locations. What makes a location popular? A lot of people … (8 comments)

kcmo real estate: QUALIFYING BUYERS ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE! IT'S OUR JOB! - 05/13/09 05:22 AM
This is an ongoing topic amongst realtors, buyers and sellers. As realtors, trusted with keys to peoples' homes, we are not supposed to show homes to unqualified buyers. This is part of the agreement we sign with our showing services. This is part of what we agree to with our sellers. Many realtors feel uncomfortable asking financial questions of potential clients, but that is part of our job.
Many buyers don't want to share their financial information with anyone. Well, the financial addendum is part of the real estate contract so buyers are going to have to share the information … (2 comments)

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