realtors: A Day In The Life of Realtor(c) Maria Morton in Kansas City - 03/12/14 03:07 PM
7-9am: Take dogs out, exercise my right shoulder (torn rotator cuff), follow up emails and phone calls, check leads from 4 different sites, do a load of laundry, consume coffee, shower, dress self, return phone calls. Check listings on websites. Check MLS updates.
9-11am: Get Mom up, help her dress, set up her make up, prepare breakfast, get her quad cane, put her gait belt on, and stand by as she walks into the dining room. Eat breakfast, feed dogs, make sure Mom takes her medicine, let dogs out. Stand by as Mom walks to living room. Fill up her apple juice … (7 comments)

realtors: Protecting Property Owners' Rights - 01/23/12 05:28 PM
Chairs and Vice Chairs of Committees met today at the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors©. One of the first things read was KCRAR's mission statement. "It is the mission of the KCRAR to be the advocate for Realtor© members, to advance the professionalism, integrity and competency of members, and to promote private property rights." We've all read that statement more than once but do we consider it's implications in our daily lives?
Many people may not realize that the National Association of Realtors© was formed in1908 and that Kansas City MO was one of the founding boards.
One … (5 comments)

realtors: Blessings From A Friend - 01/02/12 08:48 AM
Blessing from a friend:
May Peace break into your house, and may thieves steal all your debt ♪  
May the pocket of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills ♪
May Love stick to your face like vaseline, and may laughter assault your lips ♪.
May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires ♪.
May happiness slap you across your face. ...May your tears be those of joy ♪. And, May 2012 be one of the best years of your life.   ♫ BELIEVE!!!
WISHING YOU A HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS AND VIBRANT 2012!        ♫  ♪  … (11 comments)

realtors: 5 Things A Real Estate Agent Cannot Do - 11/14/11 10:02 AM
by Maria Morton

1. I Cannot Sell Your House For More Than It Is Worth. Seriously, I do not set house values. A house is worth what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for it today. Home Buyers are not stupid. Most will have an agent to help them determine value of houses they are considering. They will not pay more for your house than what the recent comparables show it to be worth. They will not pay an extra $100,000 just because that's how much you'd like to get. If the number you want is unrealistic, I … (17 comments)

realtors: Open Houses Beyond Sunday - 11/12/11 03:59 PM
Open Houses don't have to be on Sunday afternoons. Houses can be Open anytime.
Did you ever stop to think about the people who, for whatever reason, cannot come to Sunday Open Houses?
Try a Saturday afternoon Open House. Yes, soccer players probably can't come then but no time is perfect for everyone. Hold the home Open at different times to get different people inside.
If the house is on a route many people take to or from work, try holding an Open House from 4pm until 6pm on a Wednesday - catch people as they're going home. Put up … (23 comments)

realtors: Why Would You Want A Real Estate Agent in Kansas City to Refer You To Another Agent? - 03/26/11 11:56 AM
What could a Real Estate Agent in Kansas City possibly know about real estate and agents in other states and cities? More than you might imagine. As a member of NAR, MAR, KCRAR, ABR, SRES and Active Rain, I am constantly communicating with other agents around the country - sometimes out of the country.
Why do you care who I talk to? Well, if you're like most people, myself included, you don't want a salesperson when you are buying a house, you want someone you can trust. 
But how do you know which real estate agent to trust? Just ask one … (5 comments)

realtors: My Friend's Friend Chose Another Real Estate Agent and It Didn't Go So Well - 03/26/11 11:29 AM
This is a true story but we will change the names of the people and the place to protect identities. We'll call my friend Joe. Joe has a friend in, let's say Florida, who wants to move back to Kansas City. We'll call Joe's friend Betty.
Betty needs to sell her home in Florida before she can move back to Kansas City. The real estate market in Betty's city is dismal. She is anxious about being able to sell her home. Betty tells Joe all about her concerns so Joe says 'Not to worry, I have a friend in the business.' … (6 comments)

realtors: And Out Come the Wolves - 03/02/10 07:43 PM
Paul Slaybaugh, a Realtor© in Scottsdale Arizona (AZ) wrote an excellent post about home buyers and sellers who want to cheat.  Realtors who may be tempted to participate in unethical practices may like to read what he has to say before making their final decision.  Honest business practices and ethical behavior are for all seasons. 
If I needed a realtor in Scottsdale, Paul is the one I would call on.

is not the most important thing.
What is it about the rain that brings the mischievous out to play?  Real Estate sales is the type of … (0 comments)

realtors: MIA: Burglary Causes Lapse in Blog Posting - 04/12/09 01:30 PM
The back door to my house was kicked in. I did not know this when I entered the front door. I, as usual, called out "helloooo!" as I walked through the living room in case anyone else was home. I thought I heard a noise but no one answered. So, I proceeded to the kitchen, noticing debris on the floor. Puzzling. Incongruous. If someone spilled a plant on the floor, there should be someone cleaning it up. That's when I noticed the back door wide open with the frame in splinters. My heart paused a beat or two. Then I turned … (8 comments)

realtors: Are you a Boomer? - 12/03/08 11:21 PM
I'm taking the Senior Real Estate Specialist class this week and part of the class was an overview of the generations.
The GI Genereation are those people aged 79 & older; we have about 6 people in that group in class.
The Silent Generation, ages 60-78, about 15 in our class.
The Baby Boomers, ages 41-59, most of our class fall into this category.
Generation X, ages 29-40, about 10.
Generation Y, ages 11-28, none in our class.
Generation Z, ages 10 and under, have not yet entered the work force.
Many of our clients are Baby Boomers who, besides buying … (2 comments)

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