homes for sale in beacons reach: There’s a hurricane coming! - 08/23/11 10:05 AM
There’s a hurricane coming!
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Seller,
Today has been a day of frustrations.  Whenever a hurricane is brewing, our phones ring off the hook.  In addition to our already busy schedules, we find ourselves fulfilling many duties that are “above and beyond”, but duties that we are happy to provide when we can; things such as bringing in outdoor furniture to secure for our elderly clients, or doing the same thing for our absentee owners.  We answer all sorts of questions, such as: how can I get a reentry pass and who can I call … (7 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Are you the burn or the balm? - 07/26/11 05:10 AM


Yesterday it felt as if everybody and everything was conspiring to “burn” me.  Like that little strip of skin where your new bathing suit doesn’t quite cover as much as the old one.  Two hours at the beach and it “BURNS!”
No worries.  A little icy blue aloe lotion and it feels so much better.  Ahhhh.
A difficult seller almost killed the deal she and I had both worked two years to get to.  An unreasonable buyer expected an old house at a greatly reduced price to be made like new for him.  … (4 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Docusign! Or not to sign.? Hmm… - 07/22/11 06:37 AM

I’m OLD!  I qualify for the senior discount at my favorite clothing store.  I am also technologically impaired.  Oh, I have a laptop and a Smart Phone but only because I was forced (by my techy daughter) to get them.

I live in a neighborhood where the majority of home owners are actually seniors.  Many of them (OK, I’m being kind, most of them) not only don’t know how to use a computer, they don’t even own one.  Their phones are still connected to the walls of their homes.
They drive around town once a month … (9 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: 365 Cool Things to do at the Crystal Coast #2 - 05/20/11 01:41 AM
Well, let’s face it, how can you go to the beach and not … go to the beach.  With 22 miles of ocean front with acres and acres of sand, that’s enough. 

Put on your bathing suit.  (You won’t have to go in the water but you will certainly want to leave that option open.)  Cover yourself with sun block; the rays can be fierce.  Grab your towel, your flip-flops and your shades and head on over.  Be sure to bring some water and any food you might want.  Bring a bag for trash and please take it … (7 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: 365 Cool things to do at the Crystal Coast #1 - 05/19/11 08:35 AM
if you've followed my blogs for very long you already know that I am a huge proponent of taking care of yourself first.  If you work all the time and eat poorly, never exercise and don't get enough rest, you will not be able to do the things you need to do for others.  Savor every day and take time to enjoy all the things around you, starting with your family.
Lucky me!  I have the great privilege of living my life on an island.  Bogue Banks Island is just off the coast of North Carolina.  We call … (4 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Keep on keeping on if you want to succeed. - 05/18/11 03:24 AM
..."It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently..."  Tony Robbins
 Consider the turtle.  Slowly, he crawls.  Bit by bit.  He may not be the one to get there first but he'll get there... one slow step at a time. 
I'm a Weight Watcher.  I've learned the hard way that losing seven pounds in one week can be done.  I did it once!  But I couldn't sustain that nor did I keep those seven pounds off.  Finally, I learned that losing weight successfully means one slow ounce at a time.  One … (8 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Attitude is EVERYTHING!!! - 04/06/11 02:50 AM
I live on the little island of Bogue Banks off the coast of North Carolina.  I've lived here since 1992 and I can no longer imagine living anywhere else.  Not only is it a beautiful place, the climate is mild, the people are laid back and friendly and I feel like I'm on vacation every day.
I had a 7:30 a.m. dentist appointment this morning on the mainland, so at 8:30 a.m. I was topping the bridge that takes me back to my island home.  From that vantage point, I can see the sliver of land that is the island and then … (9 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Wonderful Wacky Wednesday on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina - 03/16/11 08:28 AM
I run.  Most days I leave my house at about 5:30 a.m. for a three mile run around my neighborhood.  It's dark when I start out, but by the time I finish the sun is coming up and the sky has some beautiful colors.
This is Sander's Point in Trinity Center, Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina at about 6:00 a.m. this morning.
How could anybody be in a bad mood after starting a day this way!?


homes for sale in beacons reach: HOW DO YOU DETERMINE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME? - 03/14/11 05:23 AM

In real estate there are two very well-known fundamental truths.
1.       Location, location, location
2.       A property is worth what a buyer is willing and able to pay.
Yes, we understand that any home has different values to different people and for different reasons, but when you want to sell your home, the only one that really matters is still: A property is worth what a buyer is willing and able to pay.
It doesn’t matter what you paid for it or what you’ve added to it.  It doesn’t matter what you need to start the next lap of your … (3 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: "How do you choose a REALTOR?" - 03/07/11 01:20 AM

I was out showing property over the week-end with this really lovely couple from Raleigh.  They are moving to the coast and will be selling their home in Raleigh.  I suggested my good friend Craig Rutman to assist them in that part of their journey.
They explained that they had two REALTOR friends already and asked me, "How do we choose?  One's is a good friend but the other one seems to be the expert in our neighborhood."
I told them how I would choose it were my home.  First I would google each agent.  Then I would google … (12 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Wacky, wonderful Wednesday on the Cystal Coast of North Carolina. - 03/02/11 12:43 AM
Go ahead, call me crazy.  I LOVE working in the yard.  I love dragging out the tools and getting all dirty and sweaty and then being sore the next day.  I love the feel of the warm wind blowing dirt in my eyes while I'm pulling up last year's dead plants and even the stuffy nose I get as my allergies react to SPRINGTIME. I love chasing the little bits of trash that escaped and go blowing down the hill as I work and fighting with my puppy over the bag of seeds.  I love getting wet to my … (9 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Sometimes you gotta break the rules! - 03/01/11 01:55 PM
OK, now look, I'm not saying ignore the ten commandments, drive while impaired, or kill that client who ripped you off.  I would never suggest armed robbery or forging a signature or even cheating on your taxes.  But "no dogs on the bed!"  Now come on.  How bad can that be?  Who comes up with these rules anyway?

So go ahead, wear white shoes now.  Who says you have to wait 'till after Memorial Day?  Go outside and run through the puddles after a warm rain.  It won't kill you.  Laugh in church, let the bed go unmade all day, … (14 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Wonderful, Wierd, Wednesday on the Crystal Coast - 02/23/11 02:32 AM

WELCOME!  Slow down.  Take off your shoes.  Put on flip flops and some sunscreen.  Take a walk.  Sip some iced tea.  Read a good book.  Stop a minute to talk to people you pass along the way.  You're at the beach. 
I don't know why it is but at the beach, life slows down.  People talk to each other and take time to just sit and think, read and relax.  I love living at the beach.   Come visit, you might decide to stay.


homes for sale in beacons reach: When was the last time you worked on your farm? - 02/22/11 03:20 AM

I started real estate almost 16 years ago.  Even before I earned my license, I heard about real estate "farming".  That really appealed to me because I know farming.  I grew up in the country.  I had one grandpa who raised tobacco and one who raised corn and cotton.  I helped.  I knew all about tilling the land, planting,fertilizing (we used natural fertilizer from the barnyard.), watering, thinning, hoing and then gathering...before started the process all over again.  I knew how to drive a tractor long before I could drive a car.  So - Farming?...Let me at it!


homes for sale in beacons reach: I'm dog tired! - 02/17/11 06:02 AM
Why do some people use negative connotations with dogs?  Dogs are man's best friends.  Many lost campers and mountain climbers have survived, thanks to their dogs.  Dogs will warn us if a stranger comes into our homes, they'll snuggle you when you need comfort and they love you even when you're totally unlovable.  Dogs are wonderful.
So let's stop using phrases such as "treating people like dogs"; "She's dog-ugly" or "dog tired."  Just my thought for the day.
He does look "Dog tired."


homes for sale in beacons reach: What is your “effective” age? - 02/16/11 02:36 AM

What is your “effective” age? 
I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here at the coast, tax assessments and appraisals list two ages for houses.  The “Actual” and the “Effective” age.  I’ve seen homes where the effective age is ten to twenty years younger than the actual age and I’ve seen those where the effective age is ten to twenty years older due to neglect or lack of updates.  
What about you?  Is your effective age older or younger than your actual age?  I was born in 1950 so my actual age is … (29 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Hysterical History! - 02/10/11 02:06 AM
About once a year I go through files and try to purge at least 25% of the "junk" I saved thinking it might be important.  It makes for a fun day on a day when I have nothing much else to do.  I always find a note that reminds me of a project that I never did and I resolve to revive it this year.  I'm reminded of a customer or client who might need to hear from me.  I'm always delighted at myself to see some of the "important" things I kept.  Like the green leftovers in the refrigerator, now … (5 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: Everybody deserves a home. - 02/02/11 01:35 AM
Whether it's a simple, one bedroom flat... 

or a luxury, multilevel mansion...           

...there's a place for everybody.  Once you decide what you want and what you can afford, call a REALTOR.  We can make it happen.

homes for sale in beacons reach: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! - 01/29/11 03:02 AM

Sometimes when a buyer or seller tell me they're done, I just accept that and move on.   I know better than that.  Sometimes they need me to show them the right direction, give them some more information, help them think things through.  Before I give up, I should explore every possible option.  Lately I've been busier than I've been in a long time and I know I've lost some business because I just "gave up". Last week one of my cherished elderly friends/seller/clients asked me to take her house off the market.  It had only been on the market … (7 comments)

homes for sale in beacons reach: YES, YOU SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS! - 01/27/11 03:20 AM
I keep seeing blogs that say "don't do business with friends." 
My business would not survive if everybody had that mentality.  I live in a small town on a little island.  I am a friendly, involved person with a few close friends and many good friends.  Today I have 25 active listings in our MLS system and many of the owners of those properties were my friends before I became their REALTOR.  The ones who weren't, are now.  The mayor called me recently to list a property.  As I do with all first business contacts, I asked him, "Why did … (39 comments)

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