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It is such an extraordinary privilege to have someone refer me.  It is truly the greatest compliment I can receive!  After several emails and phone conversations, yesterday I met my referral clients face-to-face.  The meeting was great and I am so thankful for the opportunity to accompany this co...
"Passion cannot remain in hiding for long...Passion, once ignited, will burst forth in all its glory and bubble over in an exuberant display of enthusiasm... Passion turns the mundane into sheer joy... Passion is likened to a fire that cannot be contained...Passion aglow will burn relentlessly an...
"I have never seen successful people stall out because of some feared, anticipated, or hypothetical outcome. They just do not think that way. They do what they can and then deal with the outcome."- Dr Henry Cloud                                                            Are you looking for a Re...
Each day in the Real Estate Industry is a step on the path of learning as new challenges arise and the constant barrage of 'shiny new concepts' are always on full display in the marketplace for sale!One must quickly learn to be prudent with spending and to evaluate the cost/value aspect of each i...
I have found that a 'pause' every once in a while is a needful and important aspect of purposeful living.  The 'pause' is a time of reflection.  It is time carved out for the intended purpose of considering:1) What's working?/What's not working?2) What resources have provided encouragement/suppor...
The fresh, new license has been laminated and the pre-licensing books have found their place upon the shelf.  The 'congratulations' have settled and the announcements that proclaim your newly established career have been sent. Now what...??As I see it, this phase is like taking your first step to...
This morning, while on my way to an appointment, I pulled over at one of my favorite spots and took this photo of the Yellow Breeches Creek.Enjoy the view!Are you looking for a Realtor in the Carlisle, PA area?I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your specific real estate needs.Maria Sap...
Some might insist that to be a business professional today, it requires a certain savvy of smartphone skills and the ability to navigate computer technology.  I'm not here to agree or disagree since I happen to know very successful people that stand strongly on both sides of the argument.I do use...
Today is the Day...Greet today with childlike expectancy...Welcome today with awe...Today is the Day...Today an opportunity awaits...Today give the gift of a smile...Today is the Day...Embrace today with gratitudeChoose to be passionate today...Today is the Day...!!
Above and Beyond is a phrase that sets the passionate professionals apart from those that simply perform a task for an income...So, what does Above and Beyond mean to you? Is it offering experience, wisdom or helpful guidance when needful? Is it being thorough?Is it being willing to work hard for...


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