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Carlisle Christmas Parade - Light Up The Night 2017Carlisle, PA.Sponsored by F&M Trust, the parade will include marching units, marching bands, floats, auto units and fire trucks parading through Historic Downtown Carlisle on Hanover Street. Santa will conclude the parade and join the public on t...
On Thanksgiving Day, and every day, I am most thankful for Love.Love is an impossible word to define.  Yet the math of love is always the same - love always multiplies exponentially when we freely give it away without expectation- !!Songs, poetry, books, and movies try to capture the essence of l...
We are born with a zest for discovery and an innate desire to explore.  Yet we each satisfy our quest for learning in different ways.Some may choose to embark upon far away journeys on foot while others prefer to curl up with a good book.The craving to learn must be fed or it may die of starvatio...
This past Sunday, clients of mine had a house warming party.  I was invited and in awe as I toured the home that they recently purchased and saw the transformation that has occurred. They have repainted almost every room of the home.  Every room has a unique theme and the backdrop of color blends...
Today I give thanks for the art of photography.Photos tell a story when mere words fall short.  A photo invites the viewer into a moment and extends an invitation to let emotions surface.A photo can ignite the fire of passion -Photo by Joshua Newton on UnsplashA photo can inspire -Photo by Artem ...
Active Rain is a highly respected site where Real Estate professionals gather to share expertise and showcase a taste of the market(s) they represent.I joined the Active Rain community in June 2016 and on June 26, 2016 I ventured to write and post my very first blog.  I really had not fully consi...
I am so thankful for the open air markets that are scattered throughout the countryside of South Central Pennsylvania. Some sit directly in front of a home and resemble the size of a small lemonade stand and offer a few homegrown options, while others may be held in enclosed 'greenhouse style' bu...
Today, I am thankful that I awoke to the delightful pitter-patter of rainfall instead of the musical medley of my alarm clock.My 'to-do' list is fairly short today and I already have family home for the holidays, so the day will include attending to some needful things, mingled with some relaxati...
I am so thankful for the beauty of the back roads of South Central Pennsylvania.  During the Autumn season, pumpkin patches and corn fields abound.  It is always a fun adventure to go for a drive with no agenda, and let the cares of life melt away...Harvest Fairs are abundant and are fun for chil...
Simplicity is a word that is subject to our own interpretation.  To some, simplicity may be viewed as 'life on a diet' - it conjures up thoughts of deprivation and scarcity.To others, simplicity may be viewed as a 'life of freedom' - unleashed from the burden of unnecessary stuff.No matter how on...


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