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 One year ago today was the sale of this family's home. The sweet couple in the middle of this photo had made the decision to move from the home they had lived in for many years and had raised their family. It was a difficult and emotional decision for them and I was honored to be hired as their ...
A few years ago I was sitting in a real estate marketing training session that had promised to share some 'new and exciting' ways to start a real estate conversation.  I sat in the front row with my pad and pen in hand, anxious to gather each and every word of wisdom.  Well, I confess that my exp...
Around this time, almost two years ago, I was contacted by a sweet young couple that wanted to purchase their first home.  As soon as we met, I felt like I had known them for years as we embarked upon the journey together to find a home.  Due to the lack of inventory and specific price parameter ...
I was recently the guest at a hotel and during my stay, I stopped by the front desk to ask a a specific question regarding the rewards program.  Apparently my question wasn't a common one and the welcoming confidence that greeted me on the other side of the desk quickly morphed into a frantic, un...
Growing up in an Italian family, I learned very early in life the tremendous value of the '3F's'  - Family, Friends and Food.My mother beamed with delight when the dining room table was crowded with family and friends.  Her generous heart was always willing to invite and as a young girl, I have v...
Dennie is feeling anxious.  She and her husband were married for 47 years and lived in the same home for most of their marriage.  They raised three children there and now have 2 grandchildren.  Dennie's husband passed away 3 years ago and the family home has become a bit overwhelming for Dennie. ...
This morning I wrote an article that took me about two hours.  I was feeling really good about it when I hit the 'publish' key and boom, the site went down!Whaaaaattt???!!!Okay, I took a deep breath, went to refill my coffee, took a brief stroll around my office and then asked myself - do I want ...


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