realtor carlisle pa: Why Putting Your Home on the Market in December May Be A Genius Idea. By: Maria Sapio, Realtor® - 12/05/19 11:33 AM
So, you've decided to sell your home.  You have the option of listing it now or waiting until after the December holidays, so why do I think putting your home on the market in December may be a genius idea?
Who is looking for homes in December?
The big question arises, "Who is looking for homes around the holidays?" The nay sayers are all advising you to wait until January. They might say, "No one is looking for homes during the holiday season!"  Excuse, me but I ask again, "Who is looking for homes in December?"  The answer is: serious buyers!  Let's face … (10 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: Thanksgiving Client Appreciation Event 2019 with Maria Sapio, REALTOR® - 12/05/19 07:05 AM
Question: What do you get when you combine a huge tent, sweet treats, coffee, hot cider and my wonderful clients?
Answer: Maria Sapio's Thanksgiving Client Appreciation Event!
November 26, 2019, the sun was shining and the temperature was unusually warm for this time of year.  The goodies were displayed on platters, and the coffee and cider were piping hot.  The client appreciation event was held at my Carlisle office (Keller Williams of Central PA 977 Walnut Bottom Road Carlisle, PA 17015 between 3 - 6pm).
My clients were sent invitations to come and join with me to celebrate the season and most importantly I wanted … (14 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: Have you paused to consider the 'What?' behind your business? - 03/12/19 10:07 AM
Have you paused to consider the 'What?' behind your business?
When I made the decision to join the gym, I walked in on day one wearing my new sneakers, new t-shirt, and absolutely no clue what to do next. 
I quickly realized that I first had to clearly identify my 'what?' 

Step One - The What?
Gym-goers are motivated to go to the gym for a multitude of reasons (physical fitness, building muscle, toning, strengthening, diversion from sedentary routine, weight loss, combating fatigue, overall health, etc.)  What is my specific goal?
Once the specific  'What?' behind the decision to go to the gym has … (7 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: Pause, Reflect, and Giving Thanks for 2018. By: Maria Sapio - 12/14/18 09:35 AM
As I approach the turning of the last page on the 2018 calendar, I pause to reflect upon this past year.
My mind recalls special memories of meeting new clients for the very first time and even the death of a dear client. 
Life is a tapestry of smiles and tears that add profound dimension to the multitude of threads of many colors that weave through our moments.

Some of the memories that drift across my heart are:

- A particular settlement where a tear or two were shed as keys were exchanged and I was the only person in the room that understood the depth … (30 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: Dreams Do Come True. By: Maria Sapio, Realtor® Carlisle, PA. - 12/11/18 04:27 PM
Once Upon A Time two buyers and a Realtor® scheduled a marathon
of one day showing appointments.  They navigated through traffic and
even one home with a swamp in the yard - and finally, they found the
house that was the 'right one.'
After a full day, and a few cups of coffee, the Realtor® wrote the offer that
night on behalf of the buyers and it was accepted by the sellers the next
A few weeks later was settlement day.  The mood was lighthearted and
you could feel the exuberance in the air as papers were signed and then
the magical moment … (6 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: How do I, as your Realtor®, determine a listing price range for your home? - 10/05/18 08:51 AM
Determining a listing price for a home is a process that requires time, the resources (to pull the pertinent data), and the understanding of what data is relevant (to compare and contrast).
1.)  When I am providing my professional services to guide a seller through this process, first, and foremost, I will visit the subject property.  The purpose of the visit is to meet with the seller at the home and clearly explain all the factors that go into determining a listing price range for a property as well as to discuss the features that are compelling about this particular home.  Sometimes the … (21 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: The Life of A Realtor... By: Maria Sapio, Carlisle, PA Realtor - 08/30/18 02:37 PM
The Life of A Realtor...
It's downing 2-3 cups of coffee before a full day of showing homes and then realizing 15 minutes into the first showing appointment that your bladder is going to explode.
It's trying to carry on an important phone conversation while simultaneously listening to the GPS directions during a thunderstorm and noticing that you're surrounded by cornfields with no civilization in sight and your gas gauge is on Empty 
It's opening the front door to that home that was priced unbelievably low and being knocked out by the stench of god-knows-what. 
It's wearing those cute new heels and wondering … (35 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: The Communication Key - What Every Potential Home Seller Needs To Know - By: Maria Sapio - 07/27/18 08:59 AM
So you've decided to sell your home and you've chosen me to be the listing agent.  Thank you.  I am honored for the opportunity to work together with you to achieve the goal you've set of selling your home.  
This is a team effort and we both need to be 100% committed to the process and excellent communication is the key!
What is your preferred method of communication?
Phone Call ___
Text ___
Email ____
I was recently involved in a transaction and I represented the buyer.  The listing agent was having extreme difficulty tracking down the seller to sign needful documents and to discuss matters of importance.  … (7 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: 205 W. Springville Road Boiling Springs, PA - Pending Sale - 07/12/18 08:05 AM
205 W. Springville Road Boiling Springs, PA 17007 Is Pending Sale!
4 Bedrooms
2 Full Bath
SF 1120
Lot: .44 Acres
South Middleton School District
List Price: $166,500

Maria Sapio, Berkshire Hathaway HomeSale Realty
For All Your Real Estate Needs.
(717) 226-6857

realtor carlisle pa: Fourth of July Fireworks 2018 - Carlisle, PA. - 07/03/18 06:35 AM

The Annual Fourth of July Carlisle, PA Fireworks display will be held:
July 3, 2018
At the Carlisle Fairgrounds 1000 Bryn Mawr Road Carlisle, PA 17013
Starting around 9:45 pm.  
The rain date will be July 4, 2018 at around 9:45 pm.
Any cancellations will be announced by 5pm the day of the fireworks.
For Further Info:  Click Here


realtor carlisle pa: Keep Planting - By: Maria Sapio, Realtor - Carlisle, PA. - 06/15/18 06:38 AM

Every day the life we live is like planting a seed...
Perhaps you've planted a seed of 'hope' today...
Perhaps you've planted a seed of encouragement...
Perhaps you've planted a seed of appreciation...
You may never know the harvest that seed may bring to fruition...
You may never know the impact your care has upon another...
Keep planting...


realtor carlisle pa: From Attached to Depersonalized - Maria Sapio, Realtor® Carlisle, PA. - 05/30/18 02:07 PM

Today I spoke with a client that is preparing her home for listing.  The home was custom built and each detail was carefully selected with the utmost care.  This is more than just a compilation of stone and wood, this is a special place that she has called home for a very long time.  
As I have walked beside her during this pre-listing stage, I have been honored to be invited into the memories that shall forever be held in her heart. 
We have discussed the depersonalization phase with gentleness and the utmost tenderness.  I have encouraged her to take the needful time to lovingly … (34 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: Abundance - By: Maria Sapio Realtor® Carlisle, PA. - 05/25/18 09:42 AM

As I walk the trails of life, I continue to meet many co-travelers on this journey.  Some prefer to walk alone and some are always aware of who's around them, ready to extend a warm handshake, offer a word of encouragement when weariness sets in, and be ready to offer guidance and direction when needed.
"Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble." Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Today, I extend my wholehearted thankfulness to my co-travelers that live from a … (24 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: From Realtor® to 'Sweet Daughter' in Carlisle, PA. - Maria Sapio - 04/28/18 07:04 AM

One year ago today was the sale of this family's home. The sweet couple in the middle of this photo had made the decision to move from the home they had lived in for many years and had raised their family.
It was a difficult and emotional decision for them and I was honored to be hired as their listing agent. I had no way of knowing that I would grow to love this couple like they are my own parents.
I now call her 'mom' and she calls me her 'sweet daughter'...
I love the way life blooms and I shall … (35 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way - Maria Sapio, Realtor® - 04/26/18 05:02 AM

Around this time, almost two years ago, I was contacted by a sweet young couple that wanted to purchase their first home.  As soon as we met, I felt like I had known them for years as we embarked upon the journey together to find a home.  Due to the lack of inventory and specific price parameter that has been set, the search is still underway and the journey continues.
As their Realtor® I have specifically marketed the area of interest to them and even walked door-to-door to introduce myself and ask homeowners if they are considering selling.  I search for newly listed … (30 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: How do you respond when the frustration bug bites? - 04/09/18 09:01 AM
This morning I wrote an article that took me about two hours.  I was feeling really good about it when I hit the 'publish' key and boom, the site went down!
Okay, I took a deep breath, went to refill my coffee, took a brief stroll around my office and then asked myself - do I want this silly set back to throw off my day?  Of course not!
Do you ever feel frustrated?  
If you have a pulse, and you're honest, you probably occasionally get bit by the frustration bug.
Well, the good news is that this is not a post with the intention of tossing … (35 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: 5 Star Review For Maria Sapio, Realtor® - Carlisle, PA. - 10/21/17 08:48 AM


realtor carlisle pa: Are You A Tightrope Walker? Carlisle, PA. - 10/19/17 05:25 AM
Life can be likened unto walking a tightrope.  So, yes, we are all tightrope walkers - and indeed, it's not for the faint of heart.
Each day is like taking the next step upon that rope that is strategically stretched between where we 'are' and where we want to 'go.'  The only way across is one step at a time as we proactively acknowledge our fear of failure, and then defiantly face the needful path and courageously walk across.
Triumph requires some deep soul searching - and pulling forth of the best stuff we have...Our Passion, Our Stamina, Our Strength, Our Hope, Our … (63 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: EPIC Doesn't Happen By Chance...Carlisle, PA. - 10/16/17 10:13 AM
I had a great time at a Halloween party on Saturday evening.  It was truly a blast to set imaginations loose and see the wildly creative costumes that showed up!
Dancing, singing, a costume contest, amazing pumpkin creations, s'mores, and even a grave site walk (interrupted by scary creatures that climbed over the wall when we had all reached the destination).
This was not an intimate get together, this was a gathering with over 100 guests that was non-stop fun - I think this party has earned the description of EPIC!!
Yes, the fairy godmother did show up with her magic wand, but she didn't receive the credit for … (14 comments)

realtor carlisle pa: Opossum Lake Carlisle, PA. - 04/02/17 01:04 PM
One of my favorite aspects of living in Central PA is that there are so many magnificent spots to visit.  Today the sun is shining and it's 62 degrees so being indoors was out of the question.  So, my son and I set out on an adventure.  The great part about adventures is that there is no set agenda.  I grabbed a few bottles of water and off we went to explore.  We landed at Opossum Lake off Easy Road in Carlisle, PA. The Opossum Lake is a 59 acre lake that majestically sits upon a 274 acre commonwealth owned recreation … (15 comments)