selling a home carlisle: What to Expect Throughout the Real Estate Transaction Process By: Maria Sapio, REALTOR® Carlisle, PA. - 04/02/19 07:12 PM
The timeframe between when a homeowner decides to sell their home and when the home becomes an active listing is referred to as the 'pre-listing phase.'  
The pre-listing phase should be thought of as similar to laying a solid foundation on a new home. The entire structure of the home depends on the strength of the foundation.  Likewise, when making the decision to sell your home, I highly recommend aligning yourself with a REALTOR® who will oversee this important foundational aspect of the listing process with the utmost care.  When I work with a client during the pre-listing phase, we discuss the plan that is … (28 comments)

selling a home carlisle: From Realtor® to 'Sweet Daughter' in Carlisle, PA. - Maria Sapio - 04/28/18 07:04 AM

One year ago today was the sale of this family's home. The sweet couple in the middle of this photo had made the decision to move from the home they had lived in for many years and had raised their family.
It was a difficult and emotional decision for them and I was honored to be hired as their listing agent. I had no way of knowing that I would grow to love this couple like they are my own parents.
I now call her 'mom' and she calls me her 'sweet daughter'...
I love the way life blooms and I shall … (35 comments)

selling a home carlisle: Confetti Marketing - Maria Sapio, Realtor® Carlisle, PA. - 04/27/18 05:20 AM

A few years ago I was sitting in a real estate marketing training session that had promised to share some 'new and exciting' ways to start a real estate conversation.  I sat in the front row with my pad and pen in hand, anxious to gather each and every word of wisdom. 
Well, I confess that my expectations were met with some disappointment when one of the suggestions was to go to a local festival or summer music in the park event and "toss a handful of business cards into the air." 
Did I hear that correctly??? 
Is this a … (27 comments)

selling a home carlisle: If I don't know, I'll do my best to find out! Maria Sapio, Realtor® - 04/25/18 05:51 AM

I was recently the guest at a hotel and during my stay, I stopped by the front desk to ask a a specific question regarding the rewards program.  Apparently my question wasn't a common one and the welcoming confidence that greeted me on the other side of the desk quickly morphed into a frantic, unknowing look.  The gentleman then scrambled around opening drawers and flipping through papers trying to locate an answer to my question.  It was certainly not my intention to frazzle this kind man, so I looked him in the eye and with a comforting smile, I said, "Relax, … (26 comments)

selling a home carlisle: SOLD! 103 Sycamore Drive Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065 - 04/29/17 07:18 AM
Sold!  103 Sycamore Drive Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065
Deciding to sell the family home after 45 years of memories is a bittersweet decision. I am so honored that you asked me to be your listing agent to guide you through this process.
Congratulations on the sale, and cheers to many more family memories in your new home!
"Thank you for making this journey in our life go so smoothly" - Seller


selling a home carlisle: SOLD - 3146 Ritner Highway Newville, PA 17241 - 03/29/17 09:30 AM

selling a home carlisle: Happy First Day of Spring - Carlisle, PA - 03/20/17 05:35 AM
Spring is the season of hope realized as dormancy erupts and breaks forth in glorious splendor...


selling a home carlisle: From Nightmares To Dreams...Carlisle, PA - 12/28/16 11:10 AM
People are always asking me, "So, how do you like Real Estate?" The truth is, I love the notion of helping people through the process of buying and/or selling a home. I also understand that for some clients the process is seasoned with a variety of emotions ranging from pure enthusiasm to sheer terror and I'm the one they contact to purge whatever my client is feeling in that moment.   Most of my day on Christmas Eve 2016 I spent playing ping-pong. Actually, I was the ping-pong ball and I bounced back and forth with all involved parties to finalize … (81 comments)

selling a home carlisle: Humility - Is It Taught or Caught?? - Carlisle, PA - 09/04/16 04:12 AM
One day a friend of mine showed up for an important interview.  When she drove up for the appointment, a man was sweeping the front walkway outside the building. As she approached, they greeted each other and exchanged morning pleasantries.  She then excused herself so she would not be late for her scheduled interview.  She walked inside and was welcomed by the secretary and was then escorted through double doors to a large, well appointed, very impressive office.  She sat in nervous anticipation with butterflies in her stomach awaiting the grand entrance of her interviewer, the president/CEO.  A few moments later the … (74 comments)

selling a home carlisle: Buying or Selling a Home - Carlisle, PA - 08/22/16 02:34 AM
You might think you're simply buying or selling a home... 
You're NOT...!!
When you think about a visit to a restaurant, yes you'll remember details about the food, but I dare say that over time, we ALL remember our personal experience the MOST.  The flavor of the food may fade from our memory, but perhaps you'll remember the gracious hostess with the friendly smile or the excellent waiter that was so attentive and even recommended the perfect entree choice...
People make our experience memorable...
I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your real estate needs.
Maria Sapio, Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty - Carlisle, PA
(717) 245-2100 Office … (7 comments)

selling a home carlisle: Cold Feet Syndrome - Carlisle, PA - 08/21/16 08:42 AM
Buyer finds the home of their dreams...
Offer is made...
Offer is accepted...
And suddenly, 'COLD FEET SYNDROME' sets in...
The questions start to swirl in the buyer's head:
Am I making the right decision?
Can I afford this?
What if...??
The most experienced and seasoned buyer agents report that 'Cold Feet Syndrome' is common.
This is a CRUCIAL TIME...
The buyer agent is faced with asking their buyer significant and needful questions as well as helping them decipher between fear and fact...
The truth is that Cold Feet Syndrome can cause one to make a devastating decision that they may regret...
Ultimately the buyer agent must be there to sort through the fog … (68 comments)

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