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Most of my clients can't afford to pay cash and so it's imperative to learn their spending limit and how the house payment will impact their budget.  The first thing I tell my Buyers is to visit with a mortgage loan officer (or 2) to determine how much they can spend on a property.  I encourage m...
"Where can I get foreclosure help?"  If you find yourself asking this question, below is a list of programs that have the U.S Government approval or are programs operated by the U.S. government.  Remember to contact your mortgage lender as well.  Your lender would much rather help you keep your h...
Risk?  Simply put, banks and creditors need to know how likely you are to pay back the money you owe.  The more likely you are to meet your obligations the lower percentage rate you will pay.  If you have a low credit score instead of denying you a loan or a credit card banks will charge you a hi...
Most Buyers ask me how to get the best rate when shopping for a mortgage. My advice seems to differ from most of the Internet gurus I read on-line. I have assisted so many people buy homes and have leaned some really important realities when looking for a mortgage.      1. Most Internet sites adv...
Great News!  There was a segment on Good Morning America that named Nebraska the "Happiest State" based on a study done my  The study looked at the unemployment rate, the number of foreclosures and mortgage information.  Here is the link to view the segment - Enjoy! http://abcnews...
Hey guys, it's Springtime! Roll up those shirtsleeves and get to work. Many homeowners are looking for great projects designed to enhance their lives as well as their homes. One of the best improvements I can recommend is adding a deck. this is a terrific way to increase the living space and the ...

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