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When looking for an agent to sell your property you need to do your homework.  The majority of agents are self employed and they are all very different from each other.  Being self employed, they run their own business, even if they work under the same brokerage company.  Unless you have received...
Between 2004 and 2007 some builders were using "Chinese Drywall" in the construction of new homes.  This drywall has been found to emit sulfide gases that can corrode electrical wiring, components of air-conditioning systems and other household appliances.  It is extremely expensive to correct an...
This has nothing to do with real estate but I couldn't help but share this with you.  In one of my realtor magazines I read about this USB flash drive to back up my hard drive. You just plug it into a USB port, press the button on the flash drive and that's it. Well I went to the company's (SanDi...
  This has been an exceptional year for mangoes here in Miami-Dade county. As I drive through Pinecrest I so enjoy looking at all the trees just loaded with mangoes. For all you mango lovers - on July 11th and 12th, Fairchild Gardens will be having it's annual Mango Festival. The festival featur...
  Father's Day is just a couple of days away.  I am inviting my father over for a special breakfast I am making him. Then we will spend the day playing dominoes with family and friends. What are you all doing with your fathers for Father's Day? To All You Father's Out There!
Pinecrest doesn't have any scheduled fireworks displays but our neighbors to the south, Cutler Bay, has a wonderful display every year at the Black Point Marina: 24775 SW 87 Avenue, 305-258-4092.From Pinecrest, head south on Old Cutler Road, then make a left on SW 87th Avenue, the marina is at th...
To get your offer on a foreclosed property accepted I have found it helps to: 1. Act quickly; the good buys are going very fast - sometimes within hours! 2.  Fill out the contract and the additional forms required by the bank completely; they just don't have the time to chase you down to ask you ...
Yes... there are short sales and foreclosed property listing in Pinecrest Florida. Here is a snapshot of today's, June 13, 2009, listings. Click here to see the short sale properties: A Buyers Guide Click here to see the foreclosed properties: A Buyers Guide If you have any questions, just give m...
Pinecrest Snapshot as of June 4, 2009 Currently there are 245 homes for sale in Pinecrest. There are 44 under contract scheduled to close. 18 Homes sold/closed. May's highest sale was for $2,300,000 lowest sale was for $350,000.  

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