fairfax va: How often do Fairfax County School Boundaries change? - 09/06/11 09:53 AM
Last year, my friend Chelsea moved to a lovely home that was assigned to her favorite Fairfax County schools.  This summer, she called me frantically asking about what to do because she had been notified that the High School boundary was in a study to be re-organized and she wasn't sure about the new assignment.
She then told her friend, Becky, who was moving to the DC area that it was pointless to choose a home by school. After all, the boundaries change and the house she chose could be re-assigned to a different school than the one she wanted.

fairfax va: 7 tips for commuting to work (in Fairfax County, VA) - 07/11/11 12:13 PM
A few months ago, Alison and James were moving her family from Japan (Tokyo) to the Washington, DC area.   They chose schools in the Fairfax County Public School district for their kids, and even narrowed down their search to a couple of neighborhoods that belonged inside their desired school boundaries.   Once Alison and James short-listed their favorite neighborhoods, they wanted to know how they would get to work. So, I presented Alison and James with the following 7 commuting options (starting with riding the Metro into Washington, DC): 1. Ride the Metro Metro is the subway system that connects … (1 comments)

fairfax va: 3 Reasons to Love Reston, VA (in Fairfax, VA) - 05/27/11 07:29 AM
The first two reasons to love Reston, VA could very well be the two elementary schools named after two of the most famous astronauts in the world:  Neil Armstrong (Armstrong Elementary School) and Buzz Aldrin (Aldrin Elementary School).  But let's leave those aside for a moment.  
Aside from these two lovely facts, there are at least three more reasons to love Reston which deserve the spotlight:
Lifestyle Lots of Housing options Wonderful Schools  
1. Lifestyle Reston was originally conceived in the 1960's by Robert E. Simon. His idea was to create a planned community where people could live, play, … (1 comments)

fairfax va: Fairfax County Schools - How to choose the right one? - 04/19/11 06:32 PM
Fairfax County Schools are divided into 24 pyramids for administrative purposes.  The tip of the pyramid is the High School and the middle and base of the pyramid is comprised of a middle school and several feeder elementary schools.
For the most part, each Fairfax County Schools pyramid has only one high school, except for a few pyramids that also house alternative schools, special education centers,  plus Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (a regional school with merit-based admissions policy). 
Fairfax High Schools Rankings
Here are the 24 Fairfax County Schools Pyramids, listed in alphabetical order, with their … (2 comments)

fairfax va: Moving to Fairfax, VA? Find out how School Pyramids affect you... - 04/14/11 07:15 PM
The Mayans, just like the Egyptians, were ancient civilizations who built impressive structures made of rock called "Pyramids".
Unfortunately, we don't get to enjoy those amazing feats of architecture here, in Fairfax, Virginia.  But we do have school pyramids.
What Are School Pyramids?
Most school districts work like a pyramid. At the top is a high school, and underneath it, feeding into that high school, are one or more middle schools and several elementary schools.
In the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) system of Northern Virginia, these groupings of schools are actually referred to as "School Pyramids".

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