Do you have songs that help you get through the ugly times? I do have a few that really kept me afloat at different stages of my life Ace of Base - Beautiful Life   Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World   Paul Mauriat - Alouette   So, these are some of mine. What are yours? Compliments of Mari...
Realtor. CA is a great tool for the home buyers, however there are a few tricks you should know to avoid some future frustration. 1. is not a real time system, but just an advertising platform for MLS. Property availability status updates sometimes take up to 48 hours and some even ove...
I love watching this kind of videos, but even more I enjoy reading the comments. Why would you call this home lame? The only thing that looked lame was Apple on that table... And probably living in there by yourself would be lame as well.But I can totally see myself in that kitchen cooking with m...
Saturday was my time off at the Mompreneur Conference at the Sheraton Conference Hall. Full day of meeting amazing people, inspirational speakers, with Arlene Dickinson as a culmination. I never knew Arlene was from quite a poor family and financially struggled through her younger years. It was q...
Seriously, where is the limit? And how some people do what they do the way the do, and they don't ever get fired? Forget "fired", how do they manage to cross the road without getting run over by a gator? Why the condo is on the fifth floor and lockbox with the key on the eleventh? Or even better,...
Many folks think that living downtown Toronto is violently expensive. It is and it is not. There are condos for sale under 200K and over 2 million. I searched a little square Spadina to Jarvis from west to east, and then Adelaide to the lake, from North to South 1. Budget of just under 200K will ...
So, this was the last one and the most dreaded one, especially with all the talk going on about folks having to take the exam 2-3 times. And I also had to take it twice, I mean, had to drive there twice. My original exam was scheduled beginning of February, right after that ugly snow storm and su...
I just cant stress enough the importance of research and market evaluation for the buyer clients. For some reason, when selling, people want to know the value of their home, but when buying, they are not doing this extra step (or shall I say not being led by their real estate agent to make this e...
I can hear spring already knocking on the door! Just the right time to start looking for those houses to renovate during the summer months and sell to make some cash in early fall. Did you know, that there are 130 available properties in GTA selling in "as is" condition? 1. Listed at $129 000, ea...
Last wee we discussed free hold homes in and around GTA under 200K. Today we will look what an amount of 200K will get you in a Condo market As of today, March 3 there are 36 condos available in GTA in the price range of 150 to 200 K. Please, note that the maintenance on all these properties is u...

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