home owner tips: Make Your Home Show Better - 12/07/15 07:54 PM
It’s no secret in the real estate world that the more attractive your home looks to potential buyers, the more likely it will be to sell quickly and for a good price. So, obviously, you want to do everything you can to ensure your home “shows” well.
But before you invest in a major renovation or other costly improvements – which may not be necessary – consider these low-cost tips first.
Paint. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a room or other area of your home look bright and new.
Potted flowers. Flowers always brighten up a space. And if … (0 comments)

home owner tips: Fresh Air Sells - 11/23/15 07:54 PM
The problem with household smells is that we get accustomed to them… when they are in our own homes. However, it takes just a few seconds in a stranger’s home, to know if a smoker lives there. The smell is in the air!
So when you put your home on the market, think about the common smells you might have lingering around your property. Remember, you may no longer notice them, but a prospective buyer will. These may include:
A diaper bin in the baby’s room Kitty litter Model making glue Paints, even if the cans or tubes are closed tightly Food. … (1 comments)

home owner tips: Protecting Your Home from Germs - 11/17/15 05:39 AM
According to studies, colds and flu bugs are passed from one person to another more often in the home than in any other location, including school and the workplace. Of food-based bacterial infections, 65% are picked up at home.
What can you do to reduce the risk?
Obviously, keeping rooms clean is important. But, according to The Lung Association, you are 200 times more likely to pick up a germ in the kitchen than in any other room, including the bathroom! So give the kitchen priority when cleaning.
Most people know to keep countertops, sinks and toilets clean and sanitized. But when was the … (0 comments)

home owner tips: 15 Minutes Before a Viewing - 11/11/15 12:09 AM
When preparing your house for a viewing, you’re obviously going to make sure it’s clean and tidy. After all, you want to make the best impression possible on potential buyers. But in the minutes before the buyers are due to arrive, there are a few final touches you need to do in your house to ensure it looks its best.
Put away coats, hats and shoes. Focus around the foyer. You don’t want clutter to be the first thing a buyer sees.
Turn on all lights and lamps. Don’t forget darker areas like nooks and corners. A house that is bright looks more … (1 comments)

home owner tips: 7 Simple Repairs That Will Help Sell Your Home Faster - 11/08/15 03:21 AM
There’s a lot of competition in the housing market these days. When you put your home up for sale, you’re bound to be up against several other similar listings. That’s why it is important to make sure your property is in a good state of repair so that it makes a good impression on potential buyers.
Here are some things that may need your attention or the help of a reputable contractor:
Doorways. Inspect all your entry systems closely. Look for sagging screens, cracked glass, squeaks, and aging or broken aluminum parts. Consider giving your doors a fresh coat of paint.
Roof. Check for … (3 comments)

home owner tips: Are Your Doors and Locks Safe? - 10/17/15 06:22 AM
Burglary is among the greatest concerns of most families and homeowners, yet home security is something many of us take for granted. Typically, it is only when we become aware of a disturbing incident – or suffer the personal trauma of being a victim – that we actually take steps towards making our homes more secure. The more common access areas, such as front, rear and garage doors are the preferred points of entry for a burglar. A proper security assessment will require a careful professional examination to identify the home’s unique critical areas.
Make An Entrance Examination
Every homeowner should take a close look at the obvious entry points … (2 comments)

home owner tips: Don’t Be a Victim of Home Improvement Scams - 10/05/15 11:46 AM
There are lots of reputable home improvement businesses that rely upon “person-to-person” marketing to get new customers.
Unfortunately, there are also some undesirable contractors whose plan is to relieve you of your possessions and/or money while performing substandard, overpriced services that are void of any guarantee. Below is a short list of uninvited proposals you may encounter. Always remember that if you didn’t ask the sales representative or contractor to come to your home, you should exercise caution when providing personal information or access to your home.
Painters, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, etc. Lawn and yard care services Roofing and other repair … (2 comments)

home owner tips: Selling Your Home? Consider a Pre-Sale Inspection - 09/20/15 12:48 AM
A home inspection isn’t just useful when buying a home. It can be invaluable when selling one, too.
A home inspection can detect previously unknown problems that you may wish to address before putting your house on the market.
For example, let’s say an inspection reveals that there is a small crack in the foundation. Getting this fixed in advance could help prevent the “buyer turnoff” or price reduction that could result if the buyer’s inspector were to discover the problem first.
Your Real Estate Connection:
Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty
RentListingService.com - Condos … (4 comments)

home owner tips: Day 4, Selling a Home - What Do you do with Your Unused Paint? - 05/02/15 04:27 AM
I found tons of unused paint in the closet - anything from half can to 1/8 of can in various shades and colours. What do you do with all the treasure? Cant just  throw it in the garbage, as household paint is considered toxic waste, so had to find a drop off facility - everything has to be a challenge....

There is a city program called "Orange Drop" - here is a quick link for you! You could always go there, enter your postal code and a type of hazardous material you have to get rid off and it will give … (2 comments)

home owner tips: Creative Home Designs - Furniture, Part 3 - 09/24/14 06:25 AM
Show me your furniture and I will tell you who you are! Minimalistic, conservative, bright and bold, classy or  modern, what is that you like?

1. Cherry Compot Arm Chair - what an amazing way of adding some great color to your living room! 2. Round Table with centerpiece and fancy chairs will add charm to any kitchen, breakfast area or dining room! 3. Honeycombs arm chair will provide an awesome place to relax with a good book and easily converts into many little stools when you have company over 4. Turn old tires into these cool chairs for your … (1 comments)