home seller tips: Inspect Your Walls Before You Sell - 01/09/16 12:03 AM
Say you’re trying to sell a used car. Imagine that it’s a desirable make and model. The mileage is low. Overall, it’s in great condition… except, that is, for the body. Unfortunately, there are a few areas where the paint is scratched and there are a couple of dents and rust spots, too.
Are you going to have trouble selling that car? Probably. That’s because potential buyers will have trouble seeing past the condition of the body and appreciating the true value of the vehicle.
The same thing can happen when you’re trying to sell your home.
Everything about it could be wonderful, but … (2 comments)

home seller tips: Three Lists To Make When Selling Your Home - 01/02/16 01:33 AM
When you put your property up for sale, you want to make sure that potential buyers get all the information they need on the features of your home and its surrounding area. If, for example, a buyer doesn’t realize there is a great school just a couple of blocks away, he might cross your property off his shortlist. An effective way to make sure something like that doesn’t happen is to create three lists.
#1: The “I’ll miss it” list.
Chances are, there are things about your home that you’re really going to miss when you move. It may be the spacious living … (5 comments)

home seller tips: To Paint or Not to Paint - 12/19/15 11:20 PM
Painting the outside of your home traditionally takes more time and expense than a comparable area on the inside. You have to deal with ladders, more paint and, of course, the weather. So when preparing your house for sale, you don’t want to do any exterior painting unless it is really necessary.
How can you tell? Walk across the street and cast a critical eye on your house. Can you notice areas where the paint is chipped or faded? If so, then so will potential buyers. It’s worth your while to invest in getting a fresh coat of paint on these areas. … (3 comments)

home seller tips: Getting your Professional Team Together - 12/18/15 09:45 PM
When preparing to sell your home, you may need to hire several professionals in addition to your REALTOR®. You may consider a plumber to fix a dripping bathroom shower, a home inspector to make sure there are no “issues”, and an attorney to handle all the legal matters.
By hiring the right professionals, you will improve your chances of having everything go smoothly. You’re more likely to have your home sell quickly, and at the best possible price. Hiring the wrong professionals will have, well, the opposite effect!
How do you hire the right professionals?
Qualifications. Ask what specific degree, certification or training they’ve … (1 comments)

home seller tips: Make Your Home Show Better - 12/07/15 07:54 PM
It’s no secret in the real estate world that the more attractive your home looks to potential buyers, the more likely it will be to sell quickly and for a good price. So, obviously, you want to do everything you can to ensure your home “shows” well.
But before you invest in a major renovation or other costly improvements – which may not be necessary – consider these low-cost tips first.
Paint. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a room or other area of your home look bright and new.
Potted flowers. Flowers always brighten up a space. And if … (0 comments)

home seller tips: Selling Your House Using the Other Three Senses - 12/03/15 07:43 PM
Most advice on how to prepare your house for sale involves how the property will look to a potential buyer. Appearance is, of course, very important if you want to sell a house quickly and for the best price. But there are three other senses you have to satisfy as well.
Hearing. Check for creaks in the floor, a rattling washer or dryer, or any other unpleasant noise. You may no longer notice these sounds, but potential buyers will.
Smelling. You might love the aroma of exotic cooking, but visitors may not. Also check for other obvious sources of odours: such as ashtrays, … (2 comments)

home seller tips: Should You Accept A “Conditional” Offer? - 11/27/15 05:43 AM
There’s no doubt about it. The best kind of offer is a “firm” offer. The buyer offers you a certain price for your property and, should you accept it, the deal is done. Congratulations. You’ve just sold your house!
But more often than not, an offer is “conditional”. That means the buyer is offering you a price, but with one or more conditions. If those conditions are not met, the buyer can walk away from the deal.
Examples of typical conditions include:
Conditional upon arranging suitable financing within a fixed period of time. Conditional upon the buyer selling his own home by a … (0 comments)

home seller tips: Fresh Air Sells - 11/23/15 07:54 PM
The problem with household smells is that we get accustomed to them… when they are in our own homes. However, it takes just a few seconds in a stranger’s home, to know if a smoker lives there. The smell is in the air!
So when you put your home on the market, think about the common smells you might have lingering around your property. Remember, you may no longer notice them, but a prospective buyer will. These may include:
A diaper bin in the baby’s room Kitty litter Model making glue Paints, even if the cans or tubes are closed tightly Food. … (1 comments)

home seller tips: How To Sell Your Home More Quickly - 11/20/15 09:55 PM
When you put your property on the market, ideally you want to sell it as quickly as possible and for the highest price possible. But sometimes one is more important than the other. For example, if you’re relocating, or have purchased another home that is closing soon, selling your current property quickly may be a priority.
Do you have to sacrifice price to do that? Not necessarily. But there are some things you can do to help get a good offer, sooner.
Price your property competitively. Make sure your home is not listed higher than the price for which similar properties have recently … (2 comments)

home seller tips: Not-So-Obvious Home Staging Tips - 11/20/15 05:34 AM
When it comes to “staging” your home for sale – which basically means ensuring it looks clean and uncluttered – you probably already know the basics: clean the counters, vacuum the floors, mow the lawn, etc.
But there are some home staging tips that are less obvious, yet can help to sell your property faster and for a higher price. For example…
The Kitchen
Obvious: The stove, sinks and countertops should be spotless.
Not-so-obvious: The contents of your cabinets and refrigerator should be facing face forward.
The Bathrooms
Obvious: They should be clean and uncluttered. Have fresh towels hanging neatly on the rack. (The … (1 comments)

home seller tips: 15 Minutes Before a Viewing - 11/11/15 12:09 AM
When preparing your house for a viewing, you’re obviously going to make sure it’s clean and tidy. After all, you want to make the best impression possible on potential buyers. But in the minutes before the buyers are due to arrive, there are a few final touches you need to do in your house to ensure it looks its best.
Put away coats, hats and shoes. Focus around the foyer. You don’t want clutter to be the first thing a buyer sees.
Turn on all lights and lamps. Don’t forget darker areas like nooks and corners. A house that is bright looks more … (1 comments)

home seller tips: 7 Simple Repairs That Will Help Sell Your Home Faster - 11/08/15 03:21 AM
There’s a lot of competition in the housing market these days. When you put your home up for sale, you’re bound to be up against several other similar listings. That’s why it is important to make sure your property is in a good state of repair so that it makes a good impression on potential buyers.
Here are some things that may need your attention or the help of a reputable contractor:
Doorways. Inspect all your entry systems closely. Look for sagging screens, cracked glass, squeaks, and aging or broken aluminum parts. Consider giving your doors a fresh coat of paint.
Roof. Check for … (3 comments)

home seller tips: Under What Conditions Should You Accept a Conditional Offer? - 10/31/15 11:38 PM
Ideally, you want a firm offer for your home. That means the buyer offers you a certain price, and you can either accept or reject it.
Sometimes, however, a buyer will make a conditional offer. For example, you may be offered your full asking price — but only on the condition that the buyer can sell their current home or secure appropriate financing within a specified period of time.
Should you accept a conditional offer, despite the risk that it may “fall through”?
There’s no easy answer. That’s why you should discuss these types of offers with your real estate agent in advance. A good REALTOR® will help you determine the … (2 comments)

home seller tips: Understanding The Types Of Markets - 09/30/15 06:30 AM
It’s a buyer’s market. It’s a seller’s market. You’ve probably heard these terms before. But what do they really mean when you’re considering buying or selling a home?
A buyer’s market exists when the supply of homes in a particular market exceeds the demand. Since there are more homes for sale, and fewer buyers, homes tend to stay on the market longer and prices may drop.
As a home shopper, you would have more time to look for a home, and more negotiating leverage.
In a seller’s market, by contrast, there are more buyers looking around than there are homes for sale. This would … (1 comments)

home seller tips: Selling Your Home? Consider a Pre-Sale Inspection - 09/20/15 12:48 AM
A home inspection isn’t just useful when buying a home. It can be invaluable when selling one, too.
A home inspection can detect previously unknown problems that you may wish to address before putting your house on the market.
For example, let’s say an inspection reveals that there is a small crack in the foundation. Getting this fixed in advance could help prevent the “buyer turnoff” or price reduction that could result if the buyer’s inspector were to discover the problem first.
Your Real Estate Connection:
Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty
RentListingService.com - Condos … (4 comments)

home seller tips: The Principles of Pricing Your Home - 09/16/15 06:27 AM
Wondering how much your house would sell for in today’s market?

To find out, you'll need answers to these three questions:
How much have similar houses in your community sold for recently? Review sales in your area over the past six months as well as homes currently listed. This information will give you a clearer idea of what the market is willing to pay.
What desirable special features and upgrades does your home have to offer? Home buyers are willing to pay a premium for hardwood floors, larger kitchens, bigger closets, renovated washrooms and finished basements. Depending on market conditions, these features may … (1 comments)

home seller tips: It’s the Little Things That Boost Curb Appeal - 09/13/15 07:49 AM
“Curb appeal”. You’ve probably heard that term used before. It refers to how valuable and enticing your house looks from the outside, typically from the perspective of a potential buyer “standing on the curb”.
Many people focus on preparing the inside of their house for sale, and neglect preparing the outside. This is a mistake. Studies confirm that curb appeal has a huge influence over how quickly your house will sell, and for how much.
How do you improve curb appeal?
You don’t need to do a major landscaping renovation! In fact, small improvements often make the biggest difference… improvements you can easily do … (4 comments)

home seller tips: Timing the Market. Should you? - 09/12/15 06:55 AM
Is there a perfect time to sell your house? The short answer is: Whenever you’re ready.
Market “timing” isn’t the only factor that influences how quickly your house will sell or for how much.
The preparations you make before listing your house on the market will also have a big impact on your success. Consider these questions: How well is your house staged? Is it in a good state of repair? Is it priced correctly based on local market conditions? Is it listed and promoted so that all REALTORS® and their clients understand the advantages your house and community have to offer?
Sure, there … (2 comments)

home seller tips: 5 Common Offences of Home Sellers - 09/10/14 04:01 AM
You've been in this house for years, you know every little thing, you also stopped noticing some little things long time ago. And some of those things aren't little. Some of them are huge, LOUD, OFFENSIVE and INSULTING! I know, we discussed this before, but repetition is what makes it perfect! Here we go - 5 most common offences of home sellers!

1. Offense number 1 - Home owner at home during showings. I have to say, while some couples will just sit quetly in the corner watching TV and minding there own business, the others will follow the agent … (2 comments)

home seller tips: 5 Tips for Pleasant Home Shopping Experience - 08/12/14 11:00 PM
This is a quick "5 Tips" list all my buyers receive when we go home shopping for the first time. Some of the things seem pretty obvious, but are still worth mentioning just one more time!

1. 5 Homes Tip. Do not try to see more then 5 homes at a time! I know you are a super hero, but by the time you see house #4 you will be quite exhausted. This Rule does not apply to out of town shoppers - they will have to shop till they drop.
2. Must Wear Socks on the Playground Tip. Most of … (2 comments)