infrastructure: Shopping for the Right Neighbourhood - 03/06/16 08:30 PM
When most people shop for a new home, they think about the kind of house they want: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, trees in the backyard.
But it also makes sense to shop for the right neighbourhood.
Think about it. In what type of area would you most like to live? What neighbourhood features do you want most? For example, you may want your next neighbourhood to have a good high school, a nearby recreation centre, and close access to public transit.
Make a list of what you want and then go “shopping” by visiting neighbourhoods that meet your criteria.
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infrastructure: 7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood to Live In - 08/21/14 04:48 AM
Whether you are looking to buy or rent, choosing the neighborhood that works for you would be one of the first things to do. There are quite a few factors to consider beside geographic location and we will look into 7 that in my opinion would influence the quality of your life the most

1. Property ValuesThis one is the first one to consider and compared to others is pretty straight forward - which neighborhood could you afford to live in. Many neighborhoods in Toronto, Mississauga and GTA have a good mix of homes to satisfy a price range from 300K and … (1 comments)