marin county news: Marin County Pesticide Management Revamped - 11/21/09 11:25 AM
Marin County is making some much-needed changes to its pesticide management policy. A local activist earlier this year obtained county records and blew the whistle. The county had been using several pesticides not on its approved list, and in amounts that exceeded what had been reported. There were nearly 270 instances in which county crews had used pesticides on the EPA’s list of potentially cancer-causing products. The management of the program has been moved from the agriculture commissioner’s office to the Parks and Open Space Department. The move should help restore public confidence and add much needed oversight to the program.

marin county news: Rescued Birds Released in Marin - 11/06/09 02:04 PM
Birds rescued off of the coasts of Washington and Oregon were freed today in Marin County. Thousands of birds were not able to be rescued and eventually died, however, hundreds were successfully treated.
The birds were found enveloped in a mysterious faomy slime and many were subjected to extreme hypothermia. As of now, no one knows what or where the foam came from and it has disappeared as quickly as it appeared. A lab is still researching the cause of the foam.

marin county news: High-Speed Chase Ends at Marin County Vineyard - 08/08/09 12:34 PM
Well, for some rather entertaining news.......police found two California parolees hiding in a Marin vineyard. The police had been in a high-speed chase of more than 100 mph that took place from San Rafael to Sonoma.
After the parolees ditched the car they apparently ran into the vineyard to hide, but were soon spotted by a police helicopter. They are now, once again, in jail in Marin County.

marin county news: Birds May Show Something Awry with Marin's Ecosystem - 08/05/09 05:30 PM
There could be something off with Marin's ecosystem, as of late. For years a bird called the double crested cormorant has been coming to the Marin / Bay area to nest. However, recently there has been a decline in the number of birds coming to do so. Biologists in the area are concerned that there may be something going awry with our current ecosystem. It is not just the cormorant that are causing concern; other waterfowl, in the area, appear to be following suit.
Experts agree that these things just don't change without cause and the current signs are showing … (0 comments)

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