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I just had to reblog this post by Carmella. Great tips and "reminders" to sellers during the closing.  How many sellers have you had to remind of a few of the items Carmella has listed......After finding a buyer, all you have to do to make it to closing is to avoid these five traps: Mistake #1: I...
Ok, it is January 15, 2011.  Just 2 weeks into the new year.  Remember just a short while ago we were all so pumped up with our new years resolutions?  How are we doing?  Well with only a 2 week gauge, my #1 goal was to have a better work/life balance, spend more time with my family what blown ou...
OK, I am still pumped, running on pure adrenaline! What an amazing day.  Between ALL the invaluable information, new friends, new strategies, and cool new tools, I do not know what to start indulging in first. Plus catching up with my favorite 8:30am phone call buddy Debbie Gartner is always a go...
  Here is part 3 of 3 - Why does oak hardwood flooring costs vary.  In this final segment I would like to address the drying process and how it relates to quality.   There are 2 ways of which to dry hardwood - air and kiln. The definition or air drying is the drying of timber by exposing it to th...
In part one of this blog we spoke about the grading of hardwood floors.  Grading is only one aspect of why hardwood floors are priced differently.  Grading relates more to the "look" of the planks, not necessarily the quality. I would like to briefly comment on hardwood floor quality and what to ...
Part  1 of 3  This is a question we get very often - why is your hardwood price different from "ABC" and why is "ABC" different "XYZ".  On the surface, this is a very legitimate question, and I fully understand the confusion.  But, first and foremost, when comparing prices, we must make sure we a...
HELP!!!!!!  I was writing a some-what long blog and lost Internet connection.  I know AR auto-saves drafts, but how do I retrieve it? THANKS!!!!!
Here is a great post by Paul Stillwaggon.  I am seeing more and more clients inquire about green flooring options and it is imperative we all start to think and act in this direction. Great post Paul!Make it your New Year's Resolution this year to go green in your household! There are some very s...
This is the time of year I truly love - sit back and take stock of what goals we met, which ones we did not, where we need to improve and what we need to focus on.  Weather it be our business, family, health, whatever.  Sometimes this is a happy time (most goals met or surpassed) or a very humbli...
Here is a great post by Victoria Stankard.  I especially like the green comment.  The green movement has been very popular in my area.  More and more people are thinking about these issues and acting on them!With 2011 only a few days away, home project resolutions for the New Year are on a lot of...

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