prospecting: Are You Missing Opportunities? - 05/02/11 12:56 AM
Residential real estate is perhaps the most unique of all sales arenas.  Sales trainers have said for decades that "opportunity is all around you."  That has varying degrees of truth, depending on what it is that you're selling.
With real estate, though, it's especially true because everyone needs a place to live.  This can sometimes be forgotten as we miss opportunities to make new contacts while we're going about our own business.  Especially in this economy, it's important to be mentally prepared for those opportunities that arise when you least expect it.
I'm reminded of a conversation a couple of years … (3 comments)

prospecting: Helping or Hurting? What Your Internal Dialogue Does For Your Business - 03/30/11 07:47 AM
I had a conversation some months back with a real estate agent in Ohio (Geri Waterman) about internal dialogue and her prospecting/marketing efforts.   She had just completed a door-knocking crusade of a neighborhood of 350 homes and was proud – and rightly so – that she had made a multitude of new long-term contacts as well as securing 4 future listings.
She was initially uneasy about knocking on doors for the same reason most people are.  Rejection.  She didn’t want to be “that” person.  You know the one.  I told her it’s easy to not be “that” person…just be yourself.  ”That” … (7 comments)

prospecting: Struggling? Have You Tried Knocking? - 08/31/09 05:29 AM

I was on the phone this morning with Justin Brown, a real estate professional in Fort Worth, TX and he made a statement out of the blue that just blew me away:
"I'm a door knocker.  I usually do a street every week...about a hundred houses."
He went on to explain that last year was a very good year for him, but this year hasn't been as good.  He was quick to say that the reason for this is that he got away from doing the things that made him successful last year.  One of those things was door knocking.

prospecting: Your Database Is Too Small - 08/18/09 03:54 AM

"Your database is too small."
I've made this statement to more real estate professionals in the past 3 months than in the past year.
Yes, the market is tough.
Yes, sellers are scared.
Yes, buyers are scared of missing a better deal if they commit to the one in front of them.
Yes, there are transactions happening every day and someone is making those transactions happen.
No, you can't maintain a real estate career with only 200 people in your database.
I run into this dilemma every day in my discussions with clients.  Now I understand that if you've been … (2 comments)

prospecting: Why Are You Switching RE Companies? - 12/10/08 01:02 AM
If you are switching or considering switching real estate companies, I ask you one question:  Why?
You may be absolutely justified in your decision...just make sure it's for the right reasons.
In my coaching here recently, I've come across quite a few agents switching real estate companies.  In some cases, they're agents who have their systems in place and simply are making a business move due to less commissions earned on their normal number of homes sold.  In these cases, it's usually a move to a company with lower monthly fees.  Perfectly understandable.
In most cases, though, I'm seeing agents who … (7 comments)

prospecting: FREE SOLUTION for the DO NOT CALL list - 03/11/08 08:25 AM
If you want to find out if a phone number is on the Do Not Call registry, click on this link:
You can check up to 3 phone numbers at a time.  You provide the phone numbers and your email address and once you submit the information you will receive an email within a couple of minutes telling you if any of the phone numbers are on the Do Not Call Registry.
I'll keep you posted if I find another solution that can handle more than 3 numbers at a time:)  Happy closings!


prospecting: Need Help Finding Buyers? - 02/06/08 05:33 AM
Here's a tip for you if you need buyers:
Map out a reasonable commuting distance from the property (this is different for every area, so use your own educated discretion) and list the major corporations and universities.
Call their Human Resources dept (find the name of the department head first, if you can) and ask them if there is anyone on staff looking to move or currently in temporary housing.  Temp housing is fairly common, especially with larger corporations moving someone to the area, and they want to find permanent housing as quickly as possible.
Don't just call one or two them all … (3 comments)

prospecting: Meeting New People...Worse Than Death? - 01/29/08 01:41 AM
One of my favorite topics to write about in my coaching blog is fear.  I believe fear is at the root of all failure.  It may not be obvious at first, but if you dig beneath the surface it's right there.
I've experienced successes and failures in my life and when I look at the failures, including my marriage last year, they're all rooted in fear.  The most popular fear is one you hear about all the time, especially at all the "rah-rah, change your life, wow-I'm-magically-a-new-person" seminars:  Fear of Rejection.
This is evidenced every year when that updated list of … (0 comments)

prospecting: Believe What They DON'T Tell You - 01/28/08 12:27 AM
One of the most confusing and amusing things I hear regularly (on a daily basis at that) is agents who have been in real estate maybe 6 months who say "I do all of my business by referral."  Let that sink in.
Now I know there are exceptions to every rule.  I have come across agents who were in a related field like mortgages or commercial land development who already HAD lots of legitimate contacts when they started in real estate who bring them more than enough referrals.  That is the exception, and not the rule.
Whether you're young or old, … (1 comments)

prospecting: DO YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO DO THIS? - 01/25/08 01:36 AM
My favorite trainer I have the privilege of speaking with is Sandy Coyer, a regional trainer with Keller Williams.  She related this story to me that I just love.  If you're like many agents and are really in need of buyers, I challenge you:  Do you have the nerve to do something like this?
Here's the story.  She was in Home Depot standing in the checkout line and the gentlemen in front of her was buying a "For Sale By Owner" sign (around 2 or 3 dollars cost).   She told him, "Excuse me...I'll buy that sign for you if you'll … (9 comments)

prospecting: No Substitute For EFFORT - 01/25/08 12:40 AM
An agent left a comment on yesterday's blog post (FEAR: The Ultimate Career Killer) that really got my gears turning.  It was in response to some very positive comments left by agents and brokers with regard to cold calling:
"The highly respected agent that has 'farmed' my neighborhood for over a decade, who has been interviewed 2x this quarter on our local television real estate news segment, who has recently co-authored his first real estate book, has served on our local education committees, has hosted numerous client appreciation parties; well, when it's time for me to sell my home,  I will … (10 comments)

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