benicia rental homes: Benicia Rental Homes - 06/16/13 12:43 PM
Benicia Rental Homes
Yes, we have invested time and resources into developing a strong internet presence for Benicia Rental Homes.  This is evidenced by "Googling," "Binging" or any other method of searching the internet and finding us well-positioned with multiple sites pointing back towards our main site.  
This helps both interested renters, as well as interested clients, find us and keeps business moving right along.  However, we haven't overlooked the basics.  People also like to "touch and feel" things, in the same sense as "brick and mortar"stores.

This is why our office is located on First Street … (5 comments)

benicia rental homes: Perfect credit, great income, yet we won't sign off on the lease, yet - 06/01/13 05:28 AM
Perfect credit, great income, yet we won’t sign off on the lease, yet
Yes, much to the chagrin of our leasing agent, we won’t sign off on the application for a prospective tenant to move forward with the lease on a Benicia Rental Home. 
The prospective renter has perfect, spotless, credit.  Good work history, great income.  In short, everything checks out on paper.  I bet that most individual landlords and even many property managers would jump at the opportunity to move this tenant in right away.  Yet, this is where experience and following our own procedures comes … (38 comments)

benicia rental homes: Benicia Rental Homes and Fair Housing Laws - 05/05/13 10:54 PM
 Benicia Rental Homes and Fair Housing Laws

In the past several days, I have heard the following statements regarding Benicia Rental Homes that DPM is placing:
"Make sure to put a nice reputable family in the home"  
"No kids or barking dogs"
In our efforts to communicate the importance of Fair Housing Laws to our clients, we have the following language printed immediately above the signature line of the Property Information Sheet which is required to be turned in with the signed Contract:
Delgado Property Management, Inc. complies with the strictly monitored, Federal Fair Housing guidelines. DPM will select the … (3 comments)

benicia rental homes: Do you like my hat? - 04/25/13 10:51 PM
We all have our favorite authors or books.   I have to admit that one of my childhood favorites is "Go Dogs Go" by the esteemed Dr. Seuss.  I've read books as varied as War and Peace, or East of Eden but somehow none have supplanted the good Dr. Seuss and his book.
Only recently I made a connection that relates to what we in the AR community all do for a living.  No matter the complexities of new laws, software, financing, inspections, etc and whether we sell homes or lease homes we have the common denominator … (10 comments)

benicia rental homes: 12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homess in just one week - 08/05/12 01:18 AM
12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homes in just one week
Yes, it has been an interesting week, and a busy one too.  We’ve signed up 12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homes in just this past week.  We’ve had some busy weeks before but I can’t remember a time when we signed 12 new client contracts in such a short time frame
Word has gotten out about our service and clients are now actively seeking us out.  We are happy to assist with their Benicia Rental Homes since we know the market very well and can typically place qualified renters very quickly.  

benicia rental homes: Proof that naming your images works - we OWN Google Images - 07/31/12 02:55 PM
We OWN “Benicia Property Management” in Google images  
Yes, it’s true.  Try it for yourself, Google the keywords “Benicia Property Management” and hit the “Images” tab in the upper left corner.  Of the first 75 images that are displayed, 70 are by Delgado Property Management. 
Yes, 70 out of 75 images are direct links back to one of our blogs! Many of those 70 contain our logo!  It’s truly a beautiful site to behold!
Check out this screenshot -
We have similar success with other area keywords such as “Vallejo Property Management” and we have a … (13 comments)

benicia rental homes: Thank you for not re-scheduling your Benicia Property Management client - 02/19/12 02:14 AM
Thank you for not re-scheduling your Benicia Property Management client
We do owe some of our success to you, dear agent, who did not re-schedule your appointment with your potential  renter when you didn’t make it into work.
In a previous blog regarding a satisfied client, I described renting a home the very same day that we took over the contract.  For this particular Benicia Property Management home, a prior satisfied customer had referred us, and we of course wanted to do a good job so as to show that we are worthy of that referral.
The renter had taken … (7 comments)

benicia rental homes: Benicia Property Management, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - 02/06/12 11:49 AM
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery in the world of Benicia Property Management

In our quest to become the best Benicia Property Management company, we at Delgado have implemented many strategies previously unknown in this market. 
One of the hallmarks of Delgado Property Management is our quality photography.  Others have written about camera selection in order to achieve high quality results, but there is so much more to it then that.  Lighting, composition, and a combination of both an artistic eye and a technical ability all combine to produce high quality images.
At … (6 comments)

benicia rental homes: Benicia Property Management company helping renters - 02/01/12 05:34 PM
Benicia Property Management company helping renters
Based upon this very nice review that we just received on Zillow, Delgado Property Management is doing a good job helping renters with their needs.  
The review reads: 
"I needed a place in a hurry, and Team Delgado made it happen.  They understood my hectic schedule and worked around my limited availability.  They are very professional and pleasant to work with."

So, if you’re looking for a rental home in Benicia or Vallejo, give us a call and we will help you find your new home as well.   A quick glance at our … (9 comments)

benicia rental homes: Benicia condo for rent - 01/29/12 03:44 AM

Benicia Condo for Rent
Contact Delgado Property Management for this lovely Benicia condo for rent.  The condo just became available and it is sure to get scooped up quickly.  Literally just renovated before these photos were taken with hardwood added, entirely new bathrooms, improvements to the kitchen and more, this condo provides the sense of new quality within surrounded by mature landscaping and views on the outside.
Benicia Condos for rent tend to move quickly given the many charms and attractions to be found in Benicia.  So, don’t wait, call now and Make Benicia your hometown.


benicia rental homes: RENTED 3 Vallejo homes on the first business day of 2012 - 01/03/12 05:34 PM

RENTED 3 Vallejo homes on the first day of 2012
Just yesterday we reported that Delgado Property Management is starting 2012 with 21 Benicia and Vallejo rental homes available.  The majority of these homes are brand new listings that just became available over the New Year’s holiday weekend.
I am now happy to update yesterday’s report by sharing that on our first business day of 2012, we rented 3 of those homes!  Yes, three Vallejo home rentals in one day to start 2012.  Each of the three homes that rented today were only advertised on Sunday over the … (7 comments)

benicia rental homes: 21 New Benicia and Vallejo rental homes now available! - 01/01/12 05:31 PM
21 New Benicia and Vallejo rental homes now available!
At Delgado Property Management, in Benicia, CA,
we are starting the New Year with 21 new Benicia and Vallejo rental homes now available!
Our current inventory includes:
• gorgeous homes and condos, large and small
• condos  and homes with breathtaking views
• classic Victorians
• located near First Street in Benicia
• condos in gated communities
• homes near walking trails
• homes with waterfalls in the back yard  
• homes and condos with granite kitchens and other features
You … (3 comments)

benicia rental homes: The best Benicia Property Management blogs of 2011 - 12/31/11 10:40 AM
Best Benicia Property Management Blogs of 2011
As we bid farewell to 2011, it is only fitting to honor the tradition of looking back on the year gone by.  At Delgado Property Management, our chosen way of honoring 2011 is to revisit the best blogs of 2011.
As it turns out, there aren’t many folks blogging Benicia Property Management topics.  In fact, I’m the only one that I know of.  So, that admittedly simplified the process a bit.  I chose the following blogs as “Best of” based purely on my own thoughts, not taking into account blog posts … (2 comments)

benicia rental homes: Fair Maiden, a story of love and yearning in Property Management - 12/10/11 05:32 AM
Once upon a time... (well, not THAT long ago. I mean, I’m only in my 40's and she's in her 30's (but looks like she's early 20's))
In a land far, far away... (well, a couple exits down the freeway)
A handsome young prince... (that would be me, just play along would you?)
Journeyed far from the Kingdom of his youth to find his fortune... (just graduated from college and got a job)
Lo and behold, during the travels I stopped for lodging... (needed a place to rent)
And there, like an oasis in the hot … (9 comments)

benicia rental homes: Please don't micromanage your Property Manager - 12/08/11 03:04 PM
Dear new Client,
We at Delgado Property Management thank you for your business and then also make a request.... please don't try to micromanage us.
Our business is renting out your home as quickly as we can and helping you to bring in the best possible rental price at the same time. Our goal is to provide good service and earn your favorable word of mouth.
We have worked diligently to ensure that our very strong internet presence, professional marketing campaign, strong sales skills, market knowledge and old-fashioned experience are all devoted to our cause of serving you. In this … (14 comments)

benicia rental homes: The Proper Care and Feeding of Property Managers, a guide for Realtors - 12/07/11 12:47 AM
The Proper Care and Feeding of Property Managers, a guide for Realtors
No, I’m not going to get all personal or mushy (or "vocal") like Dr. Laura.  In fact, beyond spoofing her book title the rest of this blog is straight from you local property manager.
You may wonder why you’d even worry about properly caring for and feeding your local property manager.  I could tell you several reasons but the biggest hook is:
Even though we operate in a small town, we’ve referred 10 (as in ten.  You know, more than nine) separate buyers to … (9 comments)

benicia rental homes: Benicia Rental Homes - “Like a box of chocolates” - 12/04/11 04:45 PM
Benicia Rental Homes -  “Like a box of chocolates”

Searching for Rental Homes in Benicia
or Vallejo is very much like the old
Forrest Gump quote of “like a box of chocolates.”  From the outside, many homes may look appealing and tempt you, just like those candies in the candy box.  Just like with those candy store chocolates though, you never know what you’re going to get inside.
Of course, with a rental home, you can’t just wait until no one is looking, grab and poke the bottom to find out what’s inside.  With a rental home, you want … (5 comments)

benicia rental homes: Spotless Carpet Cleaning, Benicia Small Business Spotlight - 11/27/11 04:41 PM
Spotless Carpet Cleaning, Benicia Small Business Spotlight
We can confidently say that Spotless Carpet Cleaning is the ideal local business to be the very first of our Benicia Small Business Spotlight periodic series.

Our relationship with Spotless pre-dates Delgado Property Management and goes back 15 years to the days when my wife and partner Veronica managed a local apartment complex and used Spotless Carpet Cleaning exclusively due to their great service and great pricing.  Through all of this time, we have known the owner, Richard, to be hardworking and always willing to … (3 comments)

benicia rental homes: Have you ever had a listing that made you sad? - 11/26/11 05:44 PM
Have you ever had a listing that made you sad?
There is a certain “corner house” that my wife and I pass by every day on our way to our own home.  It’s on the main street to our own house so we pass this “corner house” every time we run into town, head to work, go out with the kids, etc. 
Over the years we watched the owners slowly build up the home.  Paint, landscaping, unknown interior work, a nice stone wall and more.  These things didn’t happen all at once but slowly, over time.  We … (15 comments)

benicia rental homes: Delgado Property Management and Coldwell Banker Solano Pacific announce strategic partnership - 11/26/11 08:54 AM
Delgado Property Management, the largest Benicia Property Management company in town that focuses exclusively on property management and home rentals, and


Coldwell Banker Solano Pacific, the largest and most successful real estate brokerage in town,


 …have joined together in a strategic partnership to capitalize on each of our strengths to provide better service to Benicia, Vallejo and surrounding areas. 
Delgado Property Management, just having opened our new office at 917 First Street in Benicia, has earned a reputation of renting homes quickly and providing reliable service to owners and to renters.  We … (4 comments)

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