delgado property management: How busy is the Benicia Home Rental Market? - 07/21/13 02:14 AM
How busy is the Benicia Home Rental Market?
The Benicia Home Rental Market is so busy that, at Delgado Property Management, we have run into a multitude of situations in which a home is rented before another potential renter who wanted the same home can react and then the second potential renter feels frustrated.
Although finding a home is a much more serious topic, I am reminded of the Cabbage Patch Kids craze several years ago during which crazed parents would take the toys out of other people’s carts or even out of their hands so that they … (7 comments)

delgado property management: Benicia Property Management - success begets success - 06/02/13 01:11 AM
Benica Property Management - success begets succes
The other day at the local store I came across a local woman that my wife and I both know but hadn’t seen in a while.  We greeted one another and chatted for a bit and then she said something that really struck me.  It was her tone, her absolute sincerity, which made the impression.  With great emphasis she told me “Delgado Property Management has ALL the listings in town!”
I thanked her nicely, but secretly thought she was just being polite and went on my way.  Well, today I checked out the websites … (5 comments)

delgado property management: Google is a friend of Delgado Property Management - 06/01/13 03:28 PM
Google is a friend of Delgado Property Management
Today I was using my ipad to poke around Google, searching various keywords relevant to Benicia Property Management companies and rental homes.  I came across many interesting facts, including our dominance of Google Images for relevant keywords.  However, this was a most enjoyable find under the keywords Benicia Property Managers.

I'm not sure how or why Google chose to present Delgado Property Management so prominently amongst the many Benicia Property Managers, but I like it.  This is why I surmise that Google is a friend of Delgado Property Management.

delgado property management: Perfect credit, great income, yet we won't sign off on the lease, yet - 06/01/13 05:28 AM
Perfect credit, great income, yet we won’t sign off on the lease, yet
Yes, much to the chagrin of our leasing agent, we won’t sign off on the application for a prospective tenant to move forward with the lease on a Benicia Rental Home. 
The prospective renter has perfect, spotless, credit.  Good work history, great income.  In short, everything checks out on paper.  I bet that most individual landlords and even many property managers would jump at the opportunity to move this tenant in right away.  Yet, this is where experience and following our own procedures comes … (38 comments)

delgado property management: Thank you for the Thank you. - 05/29/13 10:04 PM
Thank you for the Thank you

At Delgado Property Management, we recently “did what we do” and met a potential client, advised him on improvements and details to take care of prior to marketing, and photographed the home upon receipt of a signed contract from the client.  Nothing too out of the ordinary in the story so far.
Granted, our marketing in general and our photography in particular are often noticed and certainly are a key aspect of our success in providing good service.  However, this is what we do.
In this particular case though, the new client, … (6 comments)

delgado property management: Three Vallejo rental homes on a single street - 05/27/13 04:53 AM
Three Vallejo rental homes on a single street

At Delgado Property Management, we work to earn a good reputation, and it is paying dividends.  We’ve just listed a third house, all on the same street, each available at the same time.  The clients have trust in us that we will locate qualified renters quickly.
The homes are large and attractive, located near Blue Rock Springs golf course with easy access to shopping, schools, parks, freeway and restaurants.  Taken in combination with our marketing outreach, I look forward to three successful transactions.
View our listings at Delgado Property Management.

delgado property management: A new Delgado Property Management yard sign - 05/20/13 02:46 PM
A new Delgado Property Management yard sign
At Delgado Property Management, we are always considering even the small details to improve our service.  In that spirit, we've ordered and just started using our newest yard signs.  Since we've worked hard to establish our brand, we've obviously chosen to keep our shade of royal blue and our logo, but see for yourself.


What you can't tell very well from the photo is that the new signs, as well as being larger, are made of metal.  Our thought is that they will weather better so … (3 comments)

delgado property management: Watching the big boys play - 05/19/13 11:12 AM
Watching the Big Boys play
I’ve written before about Little League and one of my son’s adventures and successes this season in A Father's pride and followed up in Follow up to A Father's Pride... he wins the Game Ball!.

I’ve also featured and antics of my youngest son, and his teammate, both chasing the ball in We can't all chase the ball 
Today, we were all spectators as Veronica and I took them to watch the Big Boys play baseball.  We saw the Cal Bears host Stanford in a Sunday afternoon game that was a great time.  Keep in mind that … (5 comments)

delgado property management: Why do you call it "rent VS buy?" Is it a competition? - 05/11/13 12:30 AM
Why "Rent Vs Buy?"
Perhaps I'm a tad (or more than a tad) ignorant but I'm posing this honest question to the AR community - 
Why the phrase "Rent Vs. Buy" as if it's say, a baseball game like Giants vs Dodgers, in which there is a winner and a loser?

I've read news articles and also many well written posts here in AR in which buying/selling agents extoll the virtues of buying a home and related it to the American Dream and suggesting that buying is a better choice than renting.  I don't disagree with the authors of … (26 comments)

delgado property management: How to succeed as a Realtor - 05/10/13 03:05 PM
You’re good at what you do.  You’re list of “war stories” includes many victories of closing deals that no one thought could happen and pleasing clients whose expectations seemed intimidating.  You’ve studied and learned your profession and developed your network of appraisers, mortgage brokers, that guy who places your yard signs for you, other agents and long-term clients.
What’s missing?  You need a Property Manager. 
Why?  You ask.
A strong Property Manager will make you more valuable to your clients and help you to increase your sales.  Yes, it’s true.  I’ll tell you how.
A strong Property Manager makes you more valuable by helping you help … (5 comments)

delgado property management: Business is business and all is well in Benicia Property Management - 04/30/13 11:13 PM
Business is business and all is well in Benicia Property Management
In the world of Benicia Property Management, we at Delgado Property Management believe in delivering quality every step of the way.  We don’t cut corners and we don’t accept less than excellence in our quest to be the best.  Our strong reputation around town suggests that many have noticed our efforts and we are proud of earning so much of our business by referral.
An example of our providing excellence is shown in the sampling of photos below taken of the same home.  On the left side our … (3 comments)

delgado property management: This view rented 48 hours after being listed! - 04/28/13 01:20 AM
This view rented 48 hours after being listed!
If proof was very needed that Delgado Property Management gets results, than add this to the list of “proof.”


Not only did the property rent in 48 hours, but we also had several applications received.  This suggests that our marketing, photography, leasing agents talents and everything else are working well together in a seamless system.  It takes dedication and time to develop the systems to produce these types of result. 
The client had considered another company in town, … (3 comments)

delgado property management: Do you like my hat? - 04/25/13 10:51 PM
We all have our favorite authors or books.   I have to admit that one of my childhood favorites is "Go Dogs Go" by the esteemed Dr. Seuss.  I've read books as varied as War and Peace, or East of Eden but somehow none have supplanted the good Dr. Seuss and his book.
Only recently I made a connection that relates to what we in the AR community all do for a living.  No matter the complexities of new laws, software, financing, inspections, etc and whether we sell homes or lease homes we have the common denominator … (10 comments)

delgado property management: Loyal renters in Benicia Property Management - 04/20/13 01:15 AM
Loyal Renters in Benicia Property Management
At Delgado Property Management we have noticed something in the past year or so.  
I'm into sure if I can call this a trend just yet, but we've had several renters insist on staying with Delgado as their property management company even as they decide that they want/need a different rental home.  The specific reasons for moving vary but include needing more space, wanting a single story instead of a two story and so on.  Yet the one constant is that they insist on renting their new home from us, even though there … (2 comments)

delgado property management: We won't sell your home - 04/16/13 03:30 PM
Why we won’t sell your home 
At Delgado Property Management, we have what I would say is: 
1. The strongest Internet presence of any local competitor
2. Two of the best sales agents in the area
3. A consistent flow of highly qualified, interested prospects
4. A very positive word of mouth reputation
5. Relationships with numerous vendors and agencies in the area
6. We have consistently closed 15-25 deals per month for the past year
7. A dedication to continuing education to make sure we are up to date on all of the latest law changes.
8. The list goes on….
But, we won’t sell your home.  We … (6 comments)

delgado property management: A Father's pride - 04/15/13 03:08 PM
Yes, I’ve written on many topics for this blog, but this time around I won’t be discussing property management.
Instead, I want to share the pride of a father. 
My pride, in my son.  He’s young, only 7 and this is the first year in Little League that they actually have a pitching machine instead of a stationary Tee to hit the ball off of. 
You see, his interests lie more in the direction of dinosaurs and astronomy than in athletics or breaking a sweat.  I’ve gotten him involved in Little League not as some attempt to … (11 comments)

delgado property management: Absentee blogger - 04/13/13 03:46 PM
Absentee blogger
Yes, it has been a while since I've written a blog.  I've heard questions asking why I haven't blogged and when will I resume.  In fact, just today during a Little League game, the man who coached one of my sons LAST YEAR commented on a blog I'd written and the photo within the blog as one that he really liked.  That little reminder has jolted me into action to return to Activerain.
Yes, blogging is a good way to reach the community and to spread a good message.  As busy as we've been and as much as … (6 comments)

delgado property management: Chasing Perfection and Catching Excellence - 10/06/12 12:22 AM

At Delgado Property Management, in the process of working towards what we believe any Benicia Property Management company should be, it seems that we’ve established a new standard.
In the past several months we have received a steady stream of both new clients and renters with repeated comments such as; “I’ve interviewed four other property management companies are you are the most knowledgeable and the most professional.” 
We’ve also heard comments regarding our covering the “basics” more thoroughly when we are told; “the other guys don’t return phone calls like you do.” 
These types of comments are not … (5 comments)

delgado property management: 12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homess in just one week - 08/05/12 01:18 AM
12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homes in just one week
Yes, it has been an interesting week, and a busy one too.  We’ve signed up 12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homes in just this past week.  We’ve had some busy weeks before but I can’t remember a time when we signed 12 new client contracts in such a short time frame
Word has gotten out about our service and clients are now actively seeking us out.  We are happy to assist with their Benicia Rental Homes since we know the market very well and can typically place qualified renters very quickly.  

delgado property management: Proof that naming your images works - we OWN Google Images - 07/31/12 02:55 PM
We OWN “Benicia Property Management” in Google images  
Yes, it’s true.  Try it for yourself, Google the keywords “Benicia Property Management” and hit the “Images” tab in the upper left corner.  Of the first 75 images that are displayed, 70 are by Delgado Property Management. 
Yes, 70 out of 75 images are direct links back to one of our blogs! Many of those 70 contain our logo!  It’s truly a beautiful site to behold!
Check out this screenshot -
We have similar success with other area keywords such as “Vallejo Property Management” and we have a … (13 comments)

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