markdonmcinnes: 'Friday Flag' Sandpoint Realty LLC - August 13, 2021 - 08/13/21 09:23 AM
'Friday Flag' this week is in one of my favorite categories.  A resident who is tucked away from the road and the general public.  The flag proudly fly's for the benefit of the owners only for the most part.  And a little icing on the cake is this flag is flying at a New Listing (Rancher, 10 acres, 36X40 Shop) in Athol Idaho.
Thank you Idaho resident for proudly flying 'Ole Glory'.
'Experience the Difference' in working with a full time professional REALTOR®.  Your wants and needs will always be my priorities.  
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Sandpoint Realty LLC
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markdonmcinnes: 'Monday Motivation' Sandpoint Realty LLC - June 7, 2021 - 06/07/21 04:08 AM

We have heard this stated in many different fashions.  I tend to go with KISS...Keep it simple s...
'Experience the Difference' in working with a full time professional REALTOR®.  Your wants and needs are always my priorities.
Mark Don McInnes
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markdonmcinnes: North Idaho Vacant Land for Sale - 40 Acres with Creek and Views - 05/11/21 05:35 PM
     When recently viewing a 40 acre parcel, I was reminded to take a moment before making decisions and judgements. Knowing the Naples Idaho area of this parcel I put no store in the fact a creek was mentioned by the seller.  Steep rough terrain in the area.  Views?  Only with the highest of points of the parcels in the area. 
     Once there and walking the Naples Idaho property, with the seller, I realized the serious mistake I could have made if I had been unwilling to look in person.  I immediately was thankful I took the time … (11 comments)

markdonmcinnes: 'Friday Flag' Sandpoint Idaho - 04/11/21 09:19 AM

Top of the morning all.  I have a weekly feature 'Friday Flag'.  Shots of our USA Flag being flown in the North Idaho area.  Business's and residents in and near Sandpoint Idaho.  I especially enjoy being able to highlight one from our listings.  This particular shot is of the flag at the Sandpoint Airport where we have a 'hangar lot' listed.  The weather has been turbulent the last week, which made for a nice 2nd shot looking south down the runway. 
For further information regarding Hangar Lot: 

markdonmcinnes: Cocolalla Idaho Luxury Home Preview Video - 03/25/21 02:15 PM
A few miles south of Sandpoint Idaho is Cocolalla Lake and town of Cocolalla.  Nestled between Forest Service, State and Timber land you will find this 4,000 sq. ft. luxury home, 900 sq. ft. second dwelling on 13 acres.  With a list of 'Special Features' far too long to list in any one video or post I would like to share the intro video to this Coclalla Idaho Luxury Home.
Any further questions please do contact me at Sandpoint Realty LLC.
Selkirk MLS 20210273  $1,400,000
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markdonmcinnes: 'Monday Motivation' from North Idaho - 01/07/19 12:36 PM

Top of the day Active Rainer's!  While this post may seem short for my many months absent, I find it very fitting to much of the reason I have been gone.  Quite a few 'moments' recently have confirmed I have moved, and am moving in the desired direction.  So enjoy this 'Monday Motivation' from North Idaho with more to follow.
Most recently received a 'How you doing' note from long time AR friend Kat Palmiotti.  That along with others following me, inspite of no new posts, has reminded me that AR was never about the business, although I started for that purpose, but … (18 comments)

markdonmcinnes: Sandpoints 4th of July Fireworks Early This Year - 06/29/17 05:00 AM
Sandpoints 4th of July Fireworks Early This Year
This past Monday, June 26th, North Idaho warm temperatures, late afternoon cloud cover, and storm cells created ideal conditions for a light show that left people in awe.  As I passed through one cell, heading south to Sandpoint from Bonners Ferry, the clouded skies opened enough to create an incredible sunset with colors beyond the imagination of even an artist's canvas.  
Lightning Storm Bonners Ferry - Sandpoint from Mark Don McInnes on Vimeo.
I was able to move to higher ground to shoot this video.  Lightning cells to the North and South with vibrant sunset … (14 comments)

markdonmcinnes: Sandpoint Beauty Not Always Found in the Distance - 06/25/17 05:09 AM
Sandpoint Beauty Not Always Found in the Distance
While my visits to Active Rain have been limited of late I still am very much aware of the good friends within.  While at a home preview this week I saw this flower with the butterfly and the sun hitting just right on both.  I was reminded that one does not always have to look to the distance for seeing Sandpoint Beauty. Looking out most any window in the North Idaho area will give a special view of something.
With the above photo I was immediately reminded of the wonderful photographs always shared by Gayle Rich-Boxman Fishhawk … (14 comments)

markdonmcinnes: Bonners Ferry Idaho Soon To Be But a Memory - 02/12/17 08:06 AM
Bonners Ferry Idaho Soon To Be But a Memory
With temperatures turning warmer in North Idaho the snow filled days will soon be but a memory.  Looking almost as if a Norman Rockwell cover for Post Magazine I captured late night Old Main Street Bonners Ferry, with people having long deserted the stormy, snowy night in favor of warmth and Super Bowl 51.  
'Experience the Difference' Living In North Idaho will make.  Contact me as your local North Idaho Real Estate Resource.  

markdonmcinnes: Lovely Creekside Home at Priest Lake Idaho - Just Listed - 02/11/17 02:20 PM
Lovely Creekside Home at Priest Lake Idaho - Just Listed
Located in the highly sought after area of Kalispell Bay at Priest Lake is this large 4 bedroom 3.5 bath home.  The warmth and comfort of the home deceives its actual size.  Cathedral ceilings in the living room with a full wall of windows overlooking the deck, yard and creek.  Exposed beams, wood accents, built in fire place separating dining room and living room are but a few of the items helping to make this home so special.  
Master Bedroom with built in Fireplace and attached Master Bath
3,700 Square Feet - 3 car attached garage

markdonmcinnes: Sandpoint City, Idaho '83864' Home Sales Report - 02/04/17 05:15 PM
What is my Sandpoint City Idaho 83864 Home Worth?January 2017 Market Report - In town SalesSandpoint Idaho 83864 sits on the northern most shores of Pend Oreille Lake (pronounced - Ponderay).  The Long Bridge entering Sandpoint from Sagle Idaho is considered the official line of where Lake Pend Oreille turns to Pend Oreille River.  2016 Consensus estimates Sandpoint City population at approximately 7,700 of the total 83864 population of 18,450.  With the dramatic diversity in 83864 topography and home styles I prefer giving two separate Sandpoint 83864 Market Reports in an effort to make comparisons a bit more in line without quite … (13 comments)

markdonmcinnes: Comparing Sandpoint City to Bonner Countys' Sq. Mi. - 01/30/17 02:26 PM
Comparing Sandpoint City to Bonner County's Sq. Mi.It is difficult to grasp how small the town of Sandpoint actually is when comparing to Bonner County, much less the state of Idaho.  Hopefully these maps and basic figures will help put in perspective Sandpoint City and 83864 Zip Code Square Miles compared to the surrounding area of Bonner County, of which Sandpoint is the largest city.  City outlined below.
The zip code for Sandpoint City is 83864.  That tends to be very misleading to many people who do not realize the expanse of zip code 83864.  83864 zip code is stated as 500.1 … (6 comments)

markdonmcinnes: January 2017 Condos for Sale, Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort - 01/27/17 11:59 AM
January 2017 Condos for Sale, Schweitzer Mountain Ski ResortWe Are about half way through the 2016/17 Schweitzer Mountain Resort Ski Season. Having just enjoyed the MLK weekend with the Northern Lights celebration there is still much to look forward to on Schweitzer Mountain.  Timing is just right to have your own condo in time for spring skiing end of this season.  There is a wide variety to choose from.
Presently there are 13 Schweitzer Condo's for sale listed under, $300,000.   Prices range from low of $81,500 to high ( in this search bracket ) of $279,500.
Search results for:  Schweitzer Ski Resort … (6 comments)

markdonmcinnes: 'Ice Damns' and Possible Damage to Your Home - 01/23/17 10:01 PM
'Ice Damns' and Possible Damage to Your Home
We all love the pictures of those warm and cozy living rooms, with a fire burning, and the reflection of the flames dancing on the ice cycles hanging from the roof in front of the living room window.  The dangers to your home behind the seemingly innocent beauty is quite real, and probable.  
The basics of an ice damn is moisture on the roof freezing at the edges of the roof where the warmth of the home no longer is heating.  An older home, or poorly insulated home is not automatically the reason.  A … (10 comments)

markdonmcinnes: North Idaho Forecasted for Snow - Wordless Wedneday - 01/18/17 03:32 AM
North Idaho Forecasted for Snow - Wordless Wedneday
Not all preparations will be the same !
Experience the change of pace Living In North Idaho will make.  Contact me as your local North Idaho Real Estate Resource. 
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markdonmcinnes: Weltanschauung: the guiding principles - 01/18/17 02:59 AM
Weltanschauung: the guiding principles#5:  We believe that the constructive dialogue at ActiveRain fosters transparency among consumers about the industry. We understand that ActiveRain plays a key role in demonstrating the integrity and professionalism of those engaged in our industry.
In my opinion this principal applies to life in general as well as AR culture.
Communication is critical to any business, not just real estate.  Understanding
and realization does not usually come from a one time conversation.  
Especially with someone not familiar with a particular industry or subject. It 
 is in multiple visits to a subject that one grows knowledgeable.  
To validate that knowledge to a … (15 comments)

markdonmcinnes: Schweitzer Mountain Resort MLK Celebration - 01/16/17 05:19 AM
Schweitzer Mountain Resort MLK Celebration
Martin Luther King weekend at Schweitzer Ski Resort is filled with activities.  The highlight of which being the Northern Lights Fireworks display on Saturday night.  The high level energy made for a great evening and show.  
Kicking off the annual Northern Lights Fireworks Show is the torch parade, as shown below.  Night skiing open for those willing to brave the low teen temperatures.
As an added bonus I was able to enjoy this years Christmas Tree that is 
center in Schweitzer Village, and was still up for visitors to enjoy.  I was
especially pleased because prior to Christmas this season … (16 comments)

markdonmcinnes: Top Ten Things to Do Before Listing Your Property for Sale - 01/16/17 03:26 AM
I am a big believer in the 'KISS' method.  Vegas Bob has put together some important basics in preparing a home for it to go on, and be on, the market for sale.  Not enough can be said for clean and uncluttered.

Sunday, January 15, 2017 Top Ten Things to Do Before Listing Your Property for Sale  

 Top Ten Things to Do Before Listing Your Property for Sale

1. Before you put your house on the market, even if you think it is in pristine condition, contact Real Estate agent Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz  to … (9 comments)

markdonmcinnes: Bonners Ferry Rotary Recipient of Nice Thank you from WaCanId Ride - 01/11/17 05:15 AM
Bonners Ferry Rotary Recipient of Nice Thank you from WaCanId Ride
Those of you who follow me know of my involvement with both Rotary and WaCanId International Selkirk Loop yearly Bicycle Ride.  Yesterday I was quite proud to present Bonners Ferry Rotary a $1,700 check for their part in making this years ride yet another success.  
With eight clubs participating around the 371 mile route of the International Selkirk Loop, the WaCanId was successful in raising over $11,000.00.  With 20 riders already having already signed up for the September event we are looking forward to our most successful year in 2017.  
Click … (6 comments)

markdonmcinnes: New Year's Resolutions and Real Estate - 01/08/17 08:03 AM
New Year's Resolutions and Real Estate
We all have done it.  Not so much the setting of goals, or wanting to get back into shape, or find new work out plateau's.  But the setting of those goals and starting on January 1st.  That in and of itself is not a bad thing.  Actually very comendable.  Where it goes bad is in wanting to accomplish it all in the first week!
Even if you don't belong to a Club just drive by one the first week or so of January.  I am betting you will see a parking lot that is jammed with cars. … (12 comments)