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Probably now you have a more or less definite understanding of what the real-estate market basic types are. But how can a person understand whether he is in a buyer's real-estate market or in a seller's one? What are the basic signs of them?The most common signs of a buyer's real-estate market ar...
What you should know is that there can be either a buyer's real-estate market or a seller's real-estate market. If you are in a buyer's real estate market it means that there are more homes available for sale than buyers to purchase them. So you see that if you are a buyer looking to a purchase h...
Most real-estate participants working without an agent don't usually pay much attention on the current market conditions. That's because most folks tend to think of their home as a place to live and not as an investment. When most people decide to sell or buy a home, very few stop to take the tem...