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Over the years I have seen many different marketing strategies and media channels but the one that was waiting for me at my desk takes the cake. ATM receipt advertising. I guess this makes sense if you want to waste your marketing money while people take out their own... It makes sense to adverti...
We run Real Estate Seminars across the country.  The goal is to teach people about the correct ways to get involved in real estate investment opportunities.  We don't want anyone to take our program as a quick fix or if they think this is a no money down program.  As you might expect we have been...
Do you use direct mail, email, online marketing to drive your business? Do you test everything you can to increase your marketing conversion or response rates? Are you using control groups? If not, you aren't testing effectively.  You might be guessing, assuming or just throwing caution in the wi...
What is your company's tag line?   At Trump U we have been using 'We Teach Success'.  To me this line is all about TrumpU and not about our clients.To change this we are doing two things: 1) We are reevaluating this copy.  One idea we are playing around with is: Invest in Your Success.  If you ha...
On the Trump U Marketing Blog I posted about the pros and cons of using postcard to market your business.  I know many real estate professional use postcards in their business so I am sharing the meat of the post here.  A postcard by USPS standards is no larger then 4x6.  So when should you use t...
I finally set up a Twitter account to figure out what if any use it has in marketing.  So far I don't have a solid marketing strategy for this technology.  I think there might be a way to use it for our Real Estate Seminars to keep people updated on what is happening and to create some buzz.  Sta...
Trump University is looking for experienced real estate investors and professional to train others in the field of real estate investment.  The full job description can be found on our career page.  We now run real estate seminars across the country and need additional experts to speak, sell and ...

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